Friday, April 22, 2011

musings on easter

I am thinking of new beginnings. Birth and rebirth. The power within each one of us to begin again (and again)--- for however long it takes until we learn the lesson we're meant to know, for however long it takes until we become something better, something truer, something finer.

This weekend we're headed into one of the most important observances in Christianity. No matter how you feel about Easter - whether you're in it solely for the candy or if you attend church morning, noon, and night, can you do me a favor? Give some thought to beginnings. And be grateful we have them. I love starting over: a fresh day, a fresh chance, a fresh piece of paper.

Tomorrow's a new day, and I'm so glad.


Alicia said...


And you were such a cute little bunny! :)

Amy said...

Happy Easter and sweet pants!