Saturday, December 20, 2008

the laws of cream: #3 Unmixy Things

If you're just tuning in now, read the introduction, the first law, and the second law. Much more understandable that way.

3. Unmixy Things

Orange juice and cream do not mix. DO NOT MIX. DO. NOT. MIX. Do I need to say this any other way? We can all coexist in the supermarket refrigerator aisle, happy to be kept cool and frosty, but we really don't taste good together. We can even hang out on the same table, and enjoy breakfast-- each offering our own contributions. But remember: you are not orange juice; they are not cream.

Tune in Monday for Law #3A: The Orange Julius Clause

1 comment:

wandering nana said...

Okay, maybe they don't mix but the Orange Julius is really good. BTW how are your cats.... I never heard anything from you. What is going on?