Thursday, December 4, 2008

yes this post contains yet another question

Well aren't you all just the sweetest, helping me out in my Great Toy Search. Sounds like a sorting thingy, stacking thingy, and a ball are the clear winners. Now I'm faced with which ONE. (Let's insert an aside here to explain to you that I am, um, a wee bit particular about a toy's, um, aesthetics. Let's just say that I'm not a fan of Ugly Things. So it makes the toy shopping very interesting. And also tricksy.) On another note: the idea from Kristen was also brilliant, with the box and the random household stuff... exactly up Bean's aisle.

Inadvertently, this week has turned into Questions Week at The Creamery. Every post I've had questions for y'all. (Well, every post except for my Mad Rant on Tuesday evening because THE PIANO-PLAYING, IT WOULD NOT STOP. Though I really do need to write a post about that guy. I have some seriously funny stories.) Ahem.

Anyway. Today I want to know about blogs. What makes you visit a particular blog? And what makes you go back? And even further - what then inspires you to start commenting on the blog? I'm just so darn curious about it.

I don't have a blog roll over there on the right for a few reasons. One, I think I read a healthy number of blogs (healthy meaning A LOT OF THEM), and I'm a little embarrassed over the sheer number of them. Two, I wouldn't know how to sort them if I did list them: alphabetically? chronologically? by association? And three, even if I did actually list them all and then figure out how to sort them on the page, I just know I'd forget one or two or five and I'd feel bad. Like they didn't get a Christmas card (NOW DON'T GO FEELING BAD - I DON'T SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS BECAUSE I AM LAZY). Anyway: I don't have a 'roll.

Lately I've taken to visiting blogs in the order I have them in my Favorites list, but even that method is flawed because I miss some dearly loved blogs depending on which computer I'm on (laptop or desktop - don't have the same Favs list and I'm just too L-A-Z-Y to make them the same).

But we weren't really talking about my weird blog visiting habits, were we? We were talking about WHY we visit certain blogs, and WHY we return to some again and again, and then WHY we actually start commenting. I guess for me, the answer is about feeling inspired, or entertained, or connected. It's got to be one of those three (and if I'm lucky, more than one of three). I'll sort of skim a blog for a while, see if it catches my attention - and when I find that I've gone there a few times, or find that I just can't leave, I know it's destined to become (yet another) Favorite.

As for why I am compelled to comment - I'm not a frequent commenter. I should say that now so you aren't thinking I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU THAT OFTEN, MS. WHIMSY. Rest assured that I visit. I do. I just... well, I do comment whenever I can. I used to comment all the time, because I know how much I love the comments, and figure that other people feel the same way. These days, however, I'm literally standing at the kitchen table reading for 2 minutes before Alice comes over and rams my toes repeatedly with Speedracer (read: walker) to let me know that I am summoned to Play. So there's that. The other reason is that I can't be witty on command. And I so want to be Witty Whimsy. But I'm not. When I come up with a real winner (at least in my book), you can bet that I'm frantically typing a comment. Other times, I want to just let the blogger know that I understand, or I have a similar thought, or Hey, That's Funny. Every once in a while I'll get a comment or an email back because of a comment, and it always makes me feel good. (And just so you know, I am not tech savvy or blogger savvy or whatever enough to understand the whole emailing-back thing based on a comment, so again: I LOVE your comments, but you probably won't ever get a bloggy thank you note from me). Wow, I'm coming off as a real Winner here, aren't I?

Anyway, I try to keep things fairly rooted (read: mired in, drowning in, souped up to the gills in) reality around here. Those are the blogs that I love the most: the ones that tell me about someone's life and thoughts and dreams without putting on a foggy/fuzzy filter.

What about you?


Cherish said...

honestly, I'll usually read one post on a new blog and if it catches my eye, Ill continue reading until I get bored. If that one post doesnt seem very interesting or if it is difficult to read, I dont bother to read any further. Basically, a blog has my attention until it becomes consistently boring for awhile.

So far, I have only thought about removing one blog from my list but I feel a little bad about it and so I continue to read it every day even though I am very much not interested in what she has to say. Maybe Im just lazy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on reading to feel entertained, inspired or connected. Connected more than anything. I don't have to have the same views on everything to read a blog, but there has to be some common thread to connect or I just can't relate and then I'm not interested.

I try to comment only if I have something to add. Unless it's a really good friend and I can get away with "Yeah, what you said.", I figure there is not much use in me chiming in. Not that when I say something I think it is all full of wisdom or anything. I also tend to comment more on smaller blogs with fewer readers. The few big blogs I read (professional bloggers) I never comment on.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I read blogs that are interesting or make me laugh. And I comment only when I feel I have something to add to the conversation.

And like Shelly, I hardly ever comment on professional blogs unless the entry is super great. (Is that snobby?)

Kristi said...

I read wwaayy too many blogs. I have a few favorites and then I check out my favorites' favorites and then my favorites' favorites' favorites and so on...

I've only ever taken one blog off of my google reader.

I'm a random commenter. On blogs I read all the time I try to comment a lot, but I won't leave a comment if I don't think I have anything to add to the conversation.

Amy said...

Pretty much the same here. I read if it entertains me or we have something in common. (your blog has both of those) . Most blogs I read make me laugh out loud and I love to read what's going on in other peoples lives. I'm nosy by nature (although I hide it well in person). Also so many people have great ideas that I like to learn about, whether it be crafty stuff or about kids or husbands, etc.

I used to be petrified of commenting, as if someone would write me back and say "why'd ya bother to even type that??". Now I comment where I feel I can add something or be witty or if the person needs someone to commiserate with them, etc.

Maggie said...

I swear I read a bajillion blogs. I LOVE Google Reader -- before that always thought that I was missing something, and now all the blogs show up in one lovely place!

I don't comment very often either; partially due to time, and partly because if I am reading a post a few days late, then I don't really think that I have anything new to ad. But I find and get attached to blogs in the same way as everyone else - I see something that sparks my interest, that makes me feel connected. Or that teaches me something -- I always like to learn new things too.

Alice said...

i usually find new blogs via new comments on my site - or a particularly interesting/funny/intriguing comment left on someone else's blog - and i'll go check the blog out. if they comment regularly on my blog i'll nearly always add their blog to my regular feeder and follow them, too.

Eleanor Q. said...

I read blogs- much for the same reason you said- because I'm curious about other peoples lives. I find blogs through funny/thoughtful comments on blogs I read or throught someone's blogroll. I will read an entry or two and if I like it I will bookmark it and if I stick with it I'll add it to my roll. I don't comment that much, unless I feel like I can add something. Its the shy part of me coming out.

wandering nana said...

I blog for my family to be able to see my life away from them. I also like to write about things. However, I love blogs that make me laugh and think. Mine is very boring most of the time. I love comments but don't get many. I use to look at all the blogs on my list everyday but too many times I had already read them so I added the gadget that shows when people last posted. Now I can read all the blogs and not waste time with those I've already read. What, were you up at 4:00AM as it says you posted 6 hours ago and it's only 9:47AM

Whimsy said...

You guys really are the best... here I am being all NOSY about your blog reading and commenting habits, and you totally come through. Perhaps I'll need to test your question-answering resolve and ask something really PERSONAL next time. Ha! But seriously, I am totally fascinated by your comments. It's like asking someone why they read a certain book.

Wandering Nana: No, not up at 4am; just wrote this last night and scheduled to post in the am. I **was**, however, up at **2 am** because a certain shorty person decided to randomly Wake Up and try to Start Her Day (and mine) at 2. I keep trying to convince Alice that daylight=morning, but I'm not getting far.

The Wife said...

I guess I'm like you. I link those blogs that I check daily--mostly. Or those blogs that I find funny or with whom I identify (YOU, Amalah, The Meanest Mom). I rarely comment--I have to be really moved either by humor or empathy. And I link my friends, people I want to keep up with and peek in on their lives. But again, I rarely comment--I have to really have something to say.

tearese said...

My blog roll only shows about half the blogs I read, because I stopped posting them. I noticed some people took me OFF their lists, after I didn't list them for a while. At least I assume thats the reason. Maybe I'm just boring.
I bookmark all of them,but refuse to put them in a reader because then I'd feel obligated to visit.
The blogs I really love because of good photography or writing, I visit almost everyday, and usually leave a comment.
Others, like people whom I live near or who I used to live by, I check less frequently. I comment on theirs if they're particularly interesting, or if they've recently commented on my blog.

Eleanor Q. said...

I thought you might like these- wooden stacking rings that look nice!