Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i got tired of looking at the fabric

For the last looooong while I have returned to knitting (it's the colder weather, I tell you). I haven't done a lot of sewing - though I have plans for that, too, if only I could sprout a few more pairs of arms.

Speaking of which - there's an air freshener commercial that has a cartoon octopus housewife talking about how important it is to have a clean and good-smelling house, and dude every time I see it, I envy that creature her eight arms. I could just get so much done
if I had an extra set!


Barring any sort of extra-arm-having, I've been knitting. More hats (hence the photos). I am also working on a sweater for Bean. She might be in college by the time I finish it, but gosh darn it, I want to make her a sweater!

I'm now going to end this and go back to knitting. (And if I had an extra set of arms you just know that I'd stay here with you a while longer. Sigh.)


Cherish said...

Those are just so cute! I wish I knew how to knit :( To me it just looks like a lot of hand gestures and mashing of those needle-y things together. Its just kind of magical

Anonymous said...

I haven't knit since I got pregnant (it made me sick). I hope to start soon now that we're back in the land of cold. I love that last hat - where did you get the pattern?

Pickles and Dimes said...

So, so cute! Great job. I think we need some shots of the Bean modeling these.

Kristi said...

These hats make me 1)want to learn to knit and 2) have another baby to wear my newly knitted hats

Eleanor Q. said...

Oh! Look at the pink hat! So cute!

Tamara said...

The hats are so cute! I wish I could knit hats cuz I can't find anything out there for my little guy. I'm glad his jackets have hoods or his little noggin' would be freezing until I find one suitable.