Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the laws of cream: #4 The Cottage Cheese Principle

Whatever. Read the intro, Law #1, Law #2, Law #3, Law #3A before you go on.

4. The Cottage Cheese Principle

Cottage cheese is cream gone MAD. A cottage cheese person is someone who has simply forgotten their creaminess and all that it entails. They find themselves inexplicably dating orange juice or other juice products - and even going so far as to hang out in their aisle at the grocery store. It goes further when they fail to recognize other creamy people. While this usually is merely a stage before they lose all creaminess entirely - in rare instances they can be saved. Through an intensive process involving a lot of creamy activity, the whey can be drained away to reveal a nice creamy lump of cheese.


The Wife said...

I forgot how this Law came about...can you remind me? Who was it that we decided was cottage cheese?

I'm forgetting so much of Seattle. It makes me sad.

wandering nana said...

Okay, must agree with you on the cottage cheese issue. They should only stay with cottage cheese and really, they need to stay away from JELLO. Evidence.... Utah, Mormons and funerals.... Cottage cheese mixed with every flavor of Jello you can think of, and other stuff thrown in... they call it a jello salad. The Cottage cheese doesn't even get credit.... it is in the jello to add a lumpy texture...WHY! Oh, and (I must admit I do like this combo) the veggie dip that has cottage cheese, sour cream, mayo and powdered Ranch dressing mix... Really Good.

wandering nana said...

PS... cats are fine and missing you... no mail and did the Hubby get there?