Tuesday, December 2, 2008

this just in

I might KILL our next door neighbor. Because we live in a townhouse, we share a wall with the dude. The hairy, recumbent bike-riding, shorts-wearing, very untamed beard-having, PIANO-PLAYING dude. Note the emphasis on PIANO PLAYING. The wall we share? Is our living room wall. Is the wall he so helpfully has his GRAND PIANO next to. Is the very-effective sound-carrying wall directly below Alice's room. AND ALICE IS SLEEPING RIGHT NOW. But I'm afraid it's not going to last long (the sleeping; there is no end in sight to the piano playing).

Normally he plays from about 5pm to 8pm. This is fine. It is after the 8 o'clock hour that I have ISSUES with. Because Alice? The ears of a bat, people! She hears EVERYTHING.

Pray for me.


The Wife said...


Can you still hear him and his girlfriend have the sex?

Anonymous said...

It would be justifiable homicide. No parent would ever convict you.

stacie d said...

I was a witness to the piano...although somewhat lovely, it is very much loud!

Are you still the President of your HOA (haha I still love that)? Maybe you can make a rule that there's no piano after 8.