Monday, December 1, 2008

business items

I wondered how long I could keep up that last post and still get some mileage - seems that six days is about the limit, like you mean to say YOU GUYS ACTUALLY WANT TO READ SOME NEW STUFF FROM ME? Go figure.

Let's start with the polite questions:
How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did we all kill ourselves off with the cooking and the baking and the hand wringing and the shopping and the (yet more) cooking and baking and shopping? All for a meal that lasts, hmm, about 90 minutes? And then you're faced with the CLEAN UP? Yes? Oh, and wasn't it glorious!

I did the entire meal, start to finish, by myself, and I have to say that I'm proud of the job I did, along with the job we did on the leftovers for the next three days. Thankfully, our refrigerator is seeing the ends of the meal, and I'm a little relieved not to be faced with the sheer HORROR of choosing between stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, OR vegetables. Next week I'll return to my wistful longings for the stuff, but today? I'm happy to eat a sandwich instead.

And in other news, can I tell you how much I HATE Verizon? HATE. Searing HATE. H. A. T. E. HATE. Hate them. They inexplicably send late notices every month, even though I am paid up! Paid up, I tell you! I get the horrible Nervous Tummy (hi Tessie!) every time I get one of their notices, and then I call and they're all - NO, you're all paid up, thanks! I don't understand, only to think that it's a conspiracy.

Another Irritant is a just-about-nine-month-old cutie who has again gone on a Nap Strike. It's possible that I threw my husband and child out of the house on Saturday afternoon, begging them to just Go Do Something while I checked email and did some work for an hour.

Tell me: what's irritating you right now?


Pickles and Dimes said...

The fact that my husband saw fit to rag on me about how much I was eating for lunch (his words), only to watch him sit down with a grilled cheese sandwich AND a giant slice of pumpkin pie smothered in Cool Whip.

WTH. (For the record, I had ONE fajita. Which consisted of: one tortilla, six thin strips of steak, one piece of cheese, taco sauce and a dab of sour cream.) Also, I have lost 12 lbs. in the past few months and my pants are all droopy.

And YET. Grrrrr.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Shelly Overlook said...

You did the whole meal? Dang, girl! That is way impressive!!!

I cannot believe it, but I am drawing a blank on a current irritant. OMG, am I broken???

Kristi said...

Wow. You did the whole meal? Wow. I was stressed out just making a few pies!!

I am seriously irritated by my cold that has turned me into a snotty tired mess.

Alice said...

i am irritated by:

*the fact that my cats apparently think it's FUN to find new places to pee

*the fact that i cannot get myself disciplined enough to keep my house clean

*how few & far between good dates are

thank you!!

Whimsy said...

Can I add:

I'm SO irritated that Firefox has some kind of mental blockage when it comes to showing my Hotmail emails. WHAT'S THE DEAL??? It worked just fine a few weeks ago, and then BAM it has up and decided that No, I Will Not Allow You To See Your Emails. It's forced me to use Explorer, and I am not such a fan of Explorer.


wandering nana said...

I think our meal was maybe 30 minutes. I cooked the standards and it was just the 2 of us but hey, lots of left overs which are my favorite. By the way, I loved your wedding pictures.

stacie d said...

I'm currently being irritated by the lady in the office next door to me who is listening to a demo cd of radio station jingles. It'll do the same tune but over & over with different radio station call letters each time. Torture.

Actually, one chunk was to the tune of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" which reminded me, of course, of our talent show routine!!! :)

Heidi W. said...

Our Thanksgiving was void of all the stress we inflict on ourselves during the holidays. So much so it led us to do other things! If you haven't already checked out my latest post you should! It is sure to make you smile!

The Wife said...

Do I have to come up with something besides my in-laws?