what is the gmboa?

This is the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness.

It started off as the first place prize for the week-long contest held here called the Minionlympics.

But the GMBOA dreams of travel.  Of seeing far-flung places and exotic locales.  As many as possible.  YOU can win a visit from the GMBOA.  It's a contest that hops from blog to blog.

The GMBOA has traveled to:
Wandering Nana
Midnight Rambler
The Tater Twins
One Day at a Time
Chocolate on a Rainy Day

Curious about the rules for the GMBOA?  The rules are here:

...  Only Minions are eligible to win the GMBOA.  To be a Minion, you just have to become a follower of The Creamery.  If you need some help in how to become a follower - check out this great tutorial by Alicia here.
...  If you win the GMBOA, it will be sent to you chock full of prizes.  Once you recieve it, you should contact Whimsy at whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com to let her know it's in your posession.  She'll alert the Minions and all that.
...  You need to add some kind of decoration to the GMBOA before you pass it along.
...  You can put whatever fun prizes you want in the box - but it MUST contain some kind of action figure (translate this as loosely as you'd like) and it MUST contain a miniature bottle of something.  It's a Whimsy thing.


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