Friday, February 5, 2010

preparing for the upcoming minionlympics

The basics:

... It's pronounced MINION-LYMPICS
... The Minionlympics will run Monday February 8th through Friday February 12th
... New Minionlympic event each day - don't miss it!

The rules:

... To participate you'll need to be an e-minion (sign up as a follower there to the right)
... Points will be awarded for a whole bunch of things throughout the week (listed below)
... PRIZES (did you hear that? P-R-I-Z-E-S will be awarded for the first, second, and third place finishers at the end of the week

The points:

... Each Creamathelete will be awarded 1 point for each comment they leave (limit one comment per post).
... 3 points if the Creamathelete puts up the Minionlympics button (the one right above) on their blog's sidebar for the entire week of the Minionlympics - please also link back to The Creamery. If you have trouble posting the button above, email me at whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com and I'll email the jpeg directly to you.
... 2 points for Chip's favorite comment each day (which means the deadline to comment for each daily post is 10pm PST). And to insure that he is not playing favorites, I'll be reading the comments to Chip without him knowing who wrote them.
... 1 point awarded to each Creamathelete who has a supporter come and cheer them on at The Creamery (1 point for each unique comment left by a non-competitor; the commenter needs to say who they are cheering for, much like they'd do if they were sitting in the stands at an Olympic event, example: GO FOR GOLD, WHIMSY!). Must be left by an actual real person, you're on the honor system here. They can comment every day if they'd like, but can only comment once per post.
... A special POINT EXTRAVAGANZA will take place on Friday's post.

The prizes:

... The Creamathelete with the most points at the end of the week will be awarded first prize, following on down to third place.
... Third prize: a Minion award of honor
... Second prize: a Minion award of honor AND a personalized Minion lunch bag
... First prize: a Minion award of honor AND a personalized Minion t-shirt AND the first round of The Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness (gmboa), filled with fabulous Minion goodies

Now CREAMATHELTES, declare yourselves! (That means you. Yes, you. You should comment and tell everyone that you're proud to be a Creamathelete.)

See you Monday for the start of the games.


M said...

First. GMBOA? It sounds like an Indian curry and you know how I love a curry.

Second, while I have no hopes of anyone to cheer me on (Chris is my biggest fan but the man doesn't read our own blog so there's really no chance at all that he's going to read the Creamery), I shall still stand up and say:


clueless but hopeful mama said...

Oh NOES. I'm supposed to leave tomorrow for Arizona and I'm not sure how much I will be able to participate while there (COMPUTERLESS) but we're snowed in (21 inches AND COUNTING) so I'm not sure we will be able to get to the airport or even out of our cul-de-sac for a full week or MORE given how long it took the town to plow us out last time.

And if I have any, tiny, misbegotten athletic bone in my body, I'm not sure where it is.

BUT! An athletic endeavour that I can participate in from the comfort of my computer screen? SIGN ME UP.

CREAMATHLETE! Reporting for CLUELESS duty!

Sibley Saga .... said...

Yay! Let the games begin.

After each comment I make I may just stand up from my computer and throw my arms in the air just like the gymnasts do after each event. You know, the OLYMPIC bow! Only now it's Minionlympic!

Amy said...

Proud to declare my Creamathleteness.

Rose said...

What a fun idea!

*Flexes muscles*.

I am a CREAMATHLETE and I am not ashamed! :) (Especially since being pregnant... well, it's probably the only athletics I'll be able to participate in!)

wandering nana said...

Seriously.... I finally was able to be a follower (which by the way I have tried several times to do, without success) and now you want me to put the button on the side with a link back to the original? I have no idea how to, where to or do do. (so, I guess i'm asking you to be a sweetie and send me the peg.) "}

Heidi said...

I am a CREAMATHLETE and am not ashamed but i am ashamed to say i don't know how to add the side link either! Can you please send me the jpeg!?!

Anonymous said...

Should I start training this weekend? I just shoveled very heavy snow off the driveway, so I hope that counts.

Alicia @ bethsix said...

I am so stinking excited, I can hardly stand it. I am ALL OVER that gmboa!

Off to start my Creamathletic training... It's all about creamathleticism...

However. Can I just say I like the term "creamthlete" better? Like creamsicle, only thletier...

KAY said...

Am I a follower? I keep pushing buttons, but never see the anonymous head with my pop-up name..

Anyway, count me in for the Minionlympics!

I have a blog and I'm too technologically challenged to use it. Please send me directions on how to make the button work.

Going for the GMBOA!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Am I the first to put the button up?!?! Am I so so awesome?!?!

(please love me)

I've already recruited Brad to cheer me on. Oh yessss.

Rose said...

Alicia, that depends on when you put it up, I put it up earlier today. Although, I think we get the points for leaving it up all week long, so as long as it's up before Monday, you're good! :)

Jayme said...

I'm here for Alicia! Don't make me bust out my pom poms!

wandering nana said...

I did it. Thank you.... now I learned a new thing and all thanks be given to the great and wonderful Whimsey... All hail the Whimsey and her Minionlympics! "}

The oldest minionathelet there is (cough, cough...that took a lot out of me!)

Kim said...

I'm posting for wandering nana. She sent me over and I'm hoping she wins something great since she is such a big fan of yours.

Amanda said...

I'm here! I'm a creamathlete and I'm proud.

I'm also going to be traveling so I'm going to have to be creative with my posting.

lagunatic said...

I'm rooting for AMANDA @ 4Molnars!!!
GO, AMANDA, GO!!!!!! Get, CREAMY!!

Catherine said...

The creamy-goodness that is 4Molnar Amanda drew me here...before even I had my coffee...

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi...oh, that should be Molnar Molnar Molnar 4 4 4!

Anonymous said...

I am cheering for Wandering Nana, my big, and MUCH OLDER, sister!!! She is a huge fan and so eager to participate in your minionlympics!!GO NANA AND GO WHIMSEY!! I'm jumping up and down and waving my pompoms!!!! Now I'm off to deliver a baby (I'm a midwife) and I will whisper WHIMSEY in her/his ear to welcome them to life!!

Claire said...

I'm here for Alicia. I'm not exactly sure whats going on, I just woke up & have a bad habit of posting before my eyes are fully open, but I like cream of wheat, for some odd reason, I always have.. and...GO ALICIA!

chimchim said...

I am here for my wife AMY, the best mom ever.
fber iuuyouietyobawcnflndgn mhjioeb;
(That's our 2 year-old Nate's vote)