Friday, February 26, 2010

blame the drugs

It's that nebulizer.

For four days now I've been doling out the treatments to Bean--- saving up for when she needs it most and is coughing and wheezing and generally sounding like a broken accordian.

The biggest problem is that she won't suck on the tube.

And she certainly isn't putting on the mask.

Even if it looks like a jaunty smiling fish.

So I do what I do.

I sit her on my lap with a pile of books nearby.

And I hold the nebulizer mouth thingy as close to her own mouth and nose as possible.

Hoping that the misty drug juice will sneak into her system.

But what happens is,

it also sneaks into mine.

And so

let me just say

I'm simultaneously wired

and exhausted


and dead.

But my child?

Totally unaffected.

Have a wonderful weekend, mah peeps.

Wish me good restful sleep when my husband comes home this evening.

...and maybe some other stuff.

I miss that guy.


Bethsix said...

Happy weekend, Whimsy!

For what it's worth, when we've done nebulizations, the pediatrician has said it's actually a good thing if they cry and fight (like, say, putting on the mask) because they inhale more of the med that way.

Chip said...

I miss you. And I miss Punky. Can't wait to see you in a few hours

Erin P said...

Ew, I hate you feel afterward. Bethsix is right though...even if you hold the mask close to her face and she gets to protesting, it's better. Maybe try a game where she holds the mask and "smells" it? I think hubby's granddaughter liked that one. Good luck with all that.

Megan said...

I had to do the treatments with 2 of my fun. I am hoping we get by this year with none of the little ones needing it...RSV season is in full swing here in Utah. Good luck and you enjoy those treatments as well! :)

wandering nana said...

I have a suggestion.... now know that I'm picturing this in my head... so not sure if it will work.
Get yourself a snorkel and a mask. Get Alice one. Hold the mist by the tube. If you wear it she may... but then of course, you will have to teach her to suck in thru the tube. If you try this I want a picture. "}