Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a few administrative necessities (sort of)

I don't know about you, but I am skirting the outskirts (!) of a stagnant funk and I REFUSE to go quietly. I heard this from more than a few of you throughout January and still I resisted. I pushed forward, I planned for Spring, I traveled. I visited friends, I attended a funeral, I ate pie with my parents. In between all of that, I did some sewing and dreamt up additional projects that I am waiting to tackle when we get home next week.

In the mean time, that stinky sullen funk has trailed me closely, waiting for a small slip of vigilance when it can come pouring into the cracks of my soul and weight me down until I am held to the ground and can no longer deny WHIMSY, FUNKIFIED.

So first, let's address The Funk.

Dear Funk,

I am not afraid of you. But I'm also not giving in. I have too much to do that I'm excited about. Too many plans, too many half-baked ideas, too much to tackle to give in to you. You, Mr. Funk, can sometimes be a friend--- yes, it's true, a friend that helps me to slow down, to appreciate small things, to reinvent myself, to find out what I want and what makes me happy, to help me to boil down this whole idea of ME into its most essential parts. But sometimes, Funk, you are BORING. And I don't want to be bored. Not right now. So please go away. For a while, at least. Come back around mid-July when the Seattle rain is finally subsiding and we're about to enter the glorious month of August-- I can handle Funk in summer. Thank you for your consideration.


Second, how do YOU handle The Funk? Books you read? Movies you watch? Stories you tell? Do you try to laugh The Funk away? Embrace The Funk? Do you hide and hibernate? Do you roller skate? What do you DO? I want to know.

Third, a humble thank you. Thank you for coming here, for making The Creamery what it is. Thank you for sharing your stories and telling me the truth. You make my life richer for knowing you. (You do.)


I call it Grammy Withholding Paci from Bean While Making Pie Crust:
And this one I call Triumphant Bean:


Sharm said...
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Anonymous said...

World United Bloggers? Dude, you're like Ghandi!

I love that first pic of the Bean. Her face is priceless!!

I am definitely in the throes of the funk. Or I am becoming a bear in hibernation.

M said...

I'm a hider. And a hibernater, if by hibernate you mean "Avoid all contact with the outside world."

I read a lot but nothing specific. I listen to a lot of music but again nothing specific. Mostly I don't really know I'm in a funk until it's starting to pass, which is bad.

Good luck heading him off.

And I love that second picture of Alice...she looks like a pirate who's just found her treasure. AAArrrrGH.

Swistle said...

I love those funny photos!

When I'm in a funk I watch more movies, read more books, eat more, shop more, and send presents.

Rose said...

Ha, I think those photos are enough to overcome ANY funk!

Well, I'm pregnant now, so I lot of times I feel like I'm in a funk, but I don't really have the option of NOT doing the things that I need to do. So I do what I can, and make sure that I take enough breaks that I don't get overwhelmed!

Sometimes if I really get going on a project, I forget I'm in a funk.

Eleanor Q. said...

I really like the first photo. Bean is clearly not liking the situation but is so darn cute.

As for the funk. Some people (DMS) say I give in to easily to the funk, that I hang out with it too long. I think that sometimes a day of laying low (with the knowledge that its just one day) can help it blow over because the next you get up, clap your hands and brush off the funk. I usually feel more energized after. See also: eat lots of cookies.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Sorry you're in a funk. Hope it passes soon.

I tend to hide during funks. Right now, I'm in one and I'm trying to escape crappy work to read or knit, but it's not happening. So now I'm funkified AND angrified. Harumph.

Erin P said...

More power to you for doing battle with the Funk instead of giving in to him! (of course it's a HIM) I think I'm going to avoid the winter Funk this year because I was sick from Thanksgiving until Mid-January and now just waking up and not being sick is enough to make me happy! Other years though I took imaginary trips...spent several days pricing out tickets and planning what I wanted to see at these warm destinations (to be done later in life when kid is done college); I always spent time planning a fun Valentine's day, and there was always Jazzercise to perk me up and make me feel alive! (Jazzercise.com--I recommend everyone try it!)

Keep the weapons raised and your guard up--do not give in to the Funk!!

sagessa said...

I have died from the cuteness of those pictures! Seriously, adorable.

I suffer from depression, so the Funk tends to follow me around, lurking. I've always found the best remedy to be lots of sunshine, time to chill with a book and the occasional lie in bed until 2pm and feel sorry for myself day.

Also, exercise. But that requires energy, and the Funk does not lend itself to allowing energetic behavior.