Wednesday, February 24, 2010

project: save not-cookie

This is NotCookie.

Or Cookie (wink wink) as he's known for short. He is currently soaking in a diluted solution of bleach water in the hall bathroom because he is a frequent (read: every night) visitor to Bean's Bathtime Routine. What's a poor NotCookie to do when he is put in bathwater every night and barely has time for a bath himself? He gets a little bit... 'tinky, as Chip would say.

So poor 'tinky Not-Cookie is luxuriating in the Whimsy bleach spa this evening.

It has worked before.

I hope it works again.

A note about NotCookie's name: originally Chip called him Gila, thinking him a hipster blue gila monster. But Bean insisted--- this is a bright blue monster. Clearly Cookie.

So Cookie (wink wink) it is.

I have fished paci's out from under public benches.

I have raced helplessly to save Bo the Woobie (blanket) from being trampled by airport strangers.

I have washed (and rewashed, and endlessly washed) blue monster Hurp until his eyes are nearly as blue as his body.

I have crawled on hands-and-knees around the living room more times than I can count to collect the precious contents of a box of business cards.

I have searched under car seats for a specific orange crayon.

This is clearly not the first time I've taken extra measures to save one of Bean's treasures.

And I know it won't be the last.

Tell me: how far have you gone to save a treasure?


Amanda said...

I have immediately run out and purchased duplicates of something that seems to be gaining favor.

I have performed multiple surgeries on Zebra to rearrange and add to his fluff.

I have turned around and returned home to get some favored item that was forgotten.

I have worried that something that brings me joy to see them love will fall out of favor.

I have washed the lovies in secret when they get too 'tinky.

I have wondered if Zebra and Purple are going to go away with them to college.

Bethsix said...

Kieran loved these really hideously annoying kids' music cassettes that we got as part of a kids' book club. When one broke, I remember scouring ebay for a replacement and buying it.

Anneke's the artist. For her, we've gone back into restaurants to retrieve her dirty, colored-on placemats after she forgot them and flipped out when we got to the car.

For Griffon, we've bought two identical replacements for Blankie Bear on ebay (he MUST have BB to sleep).

Good Enough Mom said...

I can't even REMEMBER what I've done to save precious's so automatic that it has become a totally unconscious process!

Lucky NOTcookie though!

Kathy Sprinkle said...

Loved this post! We have driven 250 mile to return to the same diner where Minnie might have been... sadly she was not and thankfully also not a discontinued model albeit an ever so slightly different bow, she returned from "traveling" with her new dress the very next day.

Blog hopping because my sweetie is away tonight. I've enjoyed my stop here. Thank you for an inviting blog!!
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss