Tuesday, February 16, 2010

minionlympics I: closing ceremony

At the close of the first somewhat-annual Minionlympics, we pause to catch our collective mental breath--- and take this moment to reflect on the incredible things we've learned over these past eight days. We've learned that Whimsy cries when someone gives her a crockpot for her birthday (but she is also extremely practical and while she pitched the boy, she still has that crockpot). We've learned that it would be best to always KNOCK before walking in on Shelly Overlook. We've learned, along with Rose, that those wrap dresses are wily creatures. We've learned from Spadoman's hard-earned lesson that it is always best practice to ask your mother what picture she is going to display at your father's funeral. And we've learned that every single one of you are the funniest, sauciest, wittiest, sassiest, and creamiest Minions that a Whimsy could ever have.

Thank you for making the Minionlympics the rousing success that it was. You guys... have wowed me.

Wowed me to the point of desiring to make a Creamie for each and every Minion who took part in the Minionlympics. Alas and alack, time and resources and postage wouldn't allow for that. Instead, I made a magnet for each of you that wrote in with your Minion Cabinet Office. If you want one (it's small, but it's something, AND IT HAS YOUR CABINET OFFICE--- all except Midnight Rambler because I just couldn't bring myself to put Interim Phlegm Czar on a magnet, so dearie MR when you're feeling better and are fully able to occupy your more permanent Cabinet position, let me know what your title is and I'LL MAKE YOU A MAGNET). Anyway... if you'd like to claim your magnet and allow me to send you actual mail, email me your address (whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com).

Now without any further delay let's get to the much anticipated, long awaited, very opinionated, exceedingly creamivated AWARD WINNERS (though you're all winners, really truly you are).

The Bronze Creamie goes to our third place finisher...

Self-Proclaimed (but Whimsy named) Ambassador to the Four Legged Kingdom.
And bus-driver extraordinaire.
Heidi has spent these rainy winter months furiously manipulating her typing fingers and practicing genuine blog commenting in preparation for these fine Minionlympics.
Her hard work paid off, and her valor will not quickly be forgotten.
Congratulations, Heidi!

The Silver Creamie goes to our second place finisher...
Mistress of Hindered Planning and Organization.
Delightfully intrepid.
Wicked funny blogger.
And a darn fine mother to boot.
Alicia's efforts to go for Minionlympic gold were widely lauded by her inventive and determined group of fans, calling themselves Beth-heads for their fandom, following Alicia through the blogosphere in all her glory.
Despite her dogged determination to grab that Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness, Alicia showed true sportsmanship and grace - both winning Minion characteristics.

And the first Gold Creamie of the First Somewhat-Annual Minionlympics goes to none other than...
Secretary of Discretion.
The picture of good hostessness.
Delightfully mischievous.
Contrary to her opinion, story teller extraordinaire.
And as evidenced by her overpowering core of fans--- FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.
This is the woman you want on your team. And we are lucky. Because she's on ours.
Congratulations, Wandering Nana!
(And remember that Wandering Nana is now the first recipient of the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness - but once she gets it she'll be posting her own contest for the box - which can only be won by a Minion. So stay tuned.)

Friday was something of a hard day for me. The usual suspects of stress and lack of sleep and other personal niceties. But the comments coming in about Cream had me in happy tears. Sometimes I think that in order to truly grasp a concept you have to lob it out into the universe and watch the way it is caught by others - listen to their retelling, wait until they roll it back to you, observe how it has grown. And that's so true about Cream. What a delightful surprise to have this quirk, this little thing that I've called my own not only be appreciated by so many of you, but to be understood - and adopted. It's a gift you've given me, this reminder of your tenderness toward the weird and random ramblings of one Whimsy.
Because cream isn't always easy. Cream is temperamental. It melts in a hot room. It can spoil if it isn't refrigerated properly. Cream can be, quite frankly, a little unloveable and CRANKY. And Cream can be lonely. For a good majority of my life, the dairy section has been frighteningly small. I've mostly been okay with that. It's given me time to think and create and play on my own which is one of my favorite ways to be. But Cream also needs human interaction, much like what Alicia talked about in Friday's comments. It is a terrible thing to go looking for that interaction and not find it. I think I've been a tough judge of the people who have wanted a glimpse inside my world. I still am.
But somehow, someway, I love sharing that world with all of you. And I hope that love shines through. Really, my hat goes off to the dear Spadoman, because he said it better than I ever could.
Cream, in all its glory --- in all its goofiness --- in all its hysterical imperfection. The Creamery is the place, but the Minions make it so. You're welcome here. Always.


Alicia @ bethsix said...

Aww. This is really sweet. And hats off to Wandering Nana. She is a fierce competitor. Long live the dairy section!

Pickles and Dimes said...

I missed a lot of these Minionlympics, but your "trophies" are totally, totally awesome. Now off to catch up on everything you wrote over the past week.

Jayme said...

WOO! I love the trophies, I am so participating next time!

Rose said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm so happy for all of you! It's been fun playing together!

I can't wait to see the GMBOA up for grabs from Wandering Nana! :)

wandering nana said...

Oh my. I can't believe it. Thank you to all who cheered for me and thank you to all the minons who played along side me. You are truly wonderful and your stories brightened my days. And where would we all be without the inspirational head Creamette, Whimsey. Thank you for letting us be your friends.
As I am in the frozen midwest, I will have to wait until the beginning of March to announce the contest. So stay tuned as there will be cream involved.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you for making it all so fun! The trophies are fab!!

Spadoman said...

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the minions, (Creamettes, darn it!), and thanks for the kind words. That was a blast. What's next Whimsical One?

Peace to all.

Heidi said...

Those trophies are AWESOME! Way to go Whimsy! That was really fun! I am with Spadoman when I ask what's the next Whimsical one!?!

KAY said...

Congratulations to everyone -- for sharing and being so much fun.

The trophies are AWESOME! What an honor to have on the mantel..

I'm sorry I missed the fun toward the end. Like Pickles & Dimes, I'm off to read the rest with some coffee (with cream, of course) and cookies (maybe even those Whimsy-cursed circus animals).

Wandering Nana -- you HAVE to tell us what's in the GMBOA!!

angelalois said...

duuuude the trophies ARE awesome. I can't wait to see one in person. I can't believe they used to be frogs. I feel sheepish I missed the fun. maybe in 2 years when we do it again, eh? ;-)