Friday, February 12, 2010

minionlympics I: round five

I'm a little sad that this is the last day of Minionlympic competition.

But then again, I'm also a little relieved.

Because you guys mean business. And I've been worried if the whole MINIONLYMPIC EXPERIENCE didn't live up to the hype, you'd track me down and hurt me.

Or at least give me a very firm talking to.

So before we get to the whole competition portion of the Last Day of Competition, let's announce the winner of Chip's extra point extravaganza from yesterday's post. The lucky winner is....Spadoman, whose story had Chip (no lie) HOLDING HIS BUTT, he was laughing so hard. Congratulations, Spadoman!

Today's round is a little bit different than the previous - it even has two parts.

Part the first: a CREAMERY QUIZ. The questions are listed below - but don't answer them in the comments. To make sure that everyone has a fair chance, you'll need to email me your answers. Don't bother retyping the questions or anything, just list the question number and your answers. Email to whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com. Deadline for submissions is 5pm PST on SATURDAY, so that gives you some decent time to be able to complete it. Creamatheletes will receive one point for every right answer.

1. True or false:
Whimsy once fell into an open refrigerator and had difficulty getting out.

2. One of the grossest things Whimsy ever witnessed (and photographed) is
a. Two slugs making baby slugs on the side of her house
b. An apple with a worm in it
c. A termite infestation
d. A sewer plant

3. When Chip stayed at the haunted hotel, how many other guests stayed there that night?
a. A lot- it was a full house
b. About 20 or so
c. Only 2 - and he met them on his way out
d. None, which was almost as creepy as his experience at the hotel

4. Who is Winston?
a. Whimsy's uncle
b. Whimsy's dad
c. Whimsy's brother
d. Winston... Churchill?

5. True or false:
Chip is deathly afraid of snakes.

6. True or false:
According to Whimsy, the perfect chip accompaniment to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is nacho cheese Dorritos.

7. At a Day After Thanksgiving sale, Whimsy bought the following item for $5:
a. Food processor
b. Toaster
c. Blender
d. Cordless phone

8. Whimsy's parents live in:
a. California
b. Ohio
c. Washington
d. Utah

9. The furry monsters are:
a. Hurp and Trey
b. Elmo and Zoe
c. Mutt and Jeff
d. Fergus and Phoebe

10. When she was pregnant with Bean, Whimsy had a specific food craving for
a. Pickles and chocolate chip ice cream
b. Sour cream and onion dip
c. Cereal that looked like cat food
d. Bean burritos

Part the second: a QUESTION for the comments section, because it would be a shame to change the format now. But first (you know what's coming) A STORY.

Or maybe, not really a story, but some thoughts. And pardon me for getting a little bit introspective and emotional (But really, what would the Minionlympics BE without some deep introspective thought, right?). All this stuff about cream and the minions has gotten me thinking alot about friendship and personalities. I mean, the whole concept of creamy came about from the challenges I've felt relating to people. This idea of CREAM, and it being not just something that separates me from other people, but is actually a uniting force? That's some powerful stuff. I had a shrink tell me once that my concept of CREAMY could substitute for CREATIVE. That it's the creative force I sense in other people. He could be right.

But I want to know what you think. You've spent some time here at The Creamery. What do you think about cream? What is it? How does it work? I'm not asking you to think of a pithy answer (though they're always welcome). I don't think I want to laugh today. I want to think. Think about you guys and the depth and humor and richness you've gifted to me - and The Creamery. I want to think about the gift that this space is - how much fun I have here, and the fact that you each actually drop in regularly to join in the conversation--- that's amazing to me. I live a very small life, my friends, but you don't treat it as a small thing. It's wonderful that we've stumbled upon each other, don't you think? So tell me about cream. And meet me back here on Monday for our closing ceremonies.

(You can have your supporters and fans stop by up until Saturday at 5pm PST.)


midwife said...

I cheer for wandering nana with all my cream!!!!! She rocks and besides you are suppose to be nice to OLD people!!! Have a safe trip sis!!

wandering nana said...

FYI- Not loving the question part... I barely remember my children's names, let alone what I've read. Oh, to be young again. "}
I can't believe the midwife has already commented. She must be up and delivery a baby.

Spadoman said...

I'm in a different time zone and old enough to get up early on a regular basis. Not sure of the excuses of the others.

Cream, Cream of the Crop, Top of the Line. The best part of something, the best part or parts of life. Humor and sadness, hilarity and shenanigans, stupidity, (Do I need mention the items you’ve brushed your teeth with?), the sharing of yourself and your loved ones with all of us. The heart song from you to the minions, (I still like to call ourselves the Creamettes), sometimes admitting a crisis has you frazzled, sometimes laughing at the averted or thwarting of a dilemma, or just the innocence of your surprise that you lived through it!

Being a part of it is a blessing. Being a part of it is acceptance to the highest degree. You have a name for it, Cream. The place where it all happens, The Creamery. It pours forth and covers us in delight. We’ve had names in the past about the same thing in our own life, we aren’t as creative as you, we called it love. That’s how we see it, that’s how you tell it. The guests, I mean Minions, that come and reply are plentiful and each one has a uniqueness. It’s a good place, The Creamery. Glad I stopped by.

I have to vote for Shelly Overlook, but I came on rather late, so count that as 1/2 a vote, (might be good for a tiebreaker)

Peace to all.

Chelle said...

Five cheers for Wandering Nana!!! And I must agree with Spadoman, with just a bit of a twist:
Whimsy(x Minions) + Cream = LOVE LOVE LOVE

Thanks for sponsoring the Minionlympics, fabulous Whimsy; it has been an absolute joy (and knee slapper, at times) to read and participate in the "games".

Keep it creamy, friends!

Kristy said...


S said...

Wow, that's just way too much for me to read today but...go Alicia!

Jayme said...

Rah Rah Ree Kick em in the Knee Alicia!

Tamara said...

I wanted to participate, but didn't get a chance to sit down to compose any award winning story.

but, I do want to root for the ever loving, and most wonderful Wandering Nana!

katie said...

Come one Wandering Nana, come one.

Michelle said...

Cheers for Wandering Nana!

Things Zander Says. . . said...

I'm waving my Minonolympic flag for Wandering Nana!!

wandering nana said...

So..... as I have thought about what the Creamery means to me and what I have learned, I kept thinking of things that have been posted, not just here but on all the blogs I try to read. We are all human. We all have joys, we all have sorrows. We can laugh at each other and we can laugh with each other. We can also cry and express ourselves. We share fun times, fun ideas and fun links.
For me, it has put me out there. I'm an old person that moved out of my comfort zone 3 years ago.... really, we moved from the state we had lived in for 58 years to a new state, where we knew no one. It was that time that I started to blog and met the amazing Whimsey (yes, I am old enough to be her mom) along with all of you. I was introduced to cream. Cream does come in many forms and it is used in recipes, A lot of recipes. It makes a difference in how things taste, texture and spreadability. So much like our lives. I love reading the stories, the comments and oh, the pictures. There are times I laugh and times I cry. I think about things but can't put them into words. Then I read the Creamery and think "yes, that's how it feels". The words and descriptions make things come to life.... much like cream adds flavor. It was so much fun to wait for the arrival of the "Bean". It brought back the memories of so many years ago when we were waiting for our "spot". What a privelege to get to watch Alice thru her parents eyes. I'm glad I got to participate in this game. I have been given the opportunity to write about different things and enjoyed reading those adventures of others. We all, as Whimsey has said, are a type of Cream. I'm still trying to figure out which cream I am, but I know I am aging and probably will end up cheese. "}

Bradley the Beth said...

Go, Alicia! You can do it!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

The question today kinda made me sad, so I haven't answered yet. I'll answer, just haven't. I don't know if it'll count, but I'll be back with something.

Heidi said...

To me being creamy does mean being creative. It can mean so many other things as well. Being able to accept someone for all their good and bad qualities. Being able to accept constructive criticism. Learning how to be happy with yourself and not being afraid to share that self with others. This is something I feel like I struggle with. People like Whimsy make it look easy. I am new at this so I am sure I still have alot to learn!

Tiffanee said...

Go Wandering Nana!! She is awesome!!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

So, of course when I think about it, it’s not the question that makes me sad but my thoughts about my answer.

Cream is depth and richness and beauty, but in a way that’s outside the “norm,” whatever that is. I don’t think cream is as much creativity as it is some kind of vibrancy or Way of Being (contrary) in the world.

When I think about it, my whole life has been this attempt to try to fit in or blend in or Seem like other people. I haven’t done this blindly or because I don’t know myself; I’ve done it because I’ve wanted human connection. I guess I’ve thought I’ve needed to seem “normal,” or “like” other people, for them to value me.

Either way, I’ve always failed; I’ve never fit in. I’m not claiming to be some tortured genius or something. I just don’t fit. I’m a square peg.

Maybe everyone feels like this.

I kinda don’t think so.

It seems like the square pegs are RARE (but the best!). There’s a lyric - can’t remember the song - “The best people I know are dead.” Well, the best people I know are creamy. Cream attracts cream (I’m literally thinking of some buttery something floating on top of liquid). I alluded to it yesterday... The most embarrassing moments of my life have been me recognizing this in someone, just KNOWING that they would grok me, and then proceeding to try to SHOW them somehow (never works). And the best moments of my life have been when someone else recognizes it in me.

As I get older, I feel less of a desire to try to blend in. I still want connection, but I want it most with other people like me. Maybe some critical mass of cream has built up in my head over the years, so that I know there’s enough of it in the world for me not to be alone. Or maybe I’m just tired of trying to be something I’m not. I don’t know. I’ve always been afraid of being seen as different, and I’m finally forgetting why.

It is quite possible that this won’t make sense to anyone who happens to read it. That’s sort of the story of my life and, to me, the story of the Cream. It is my Truth, though, and anyone who doesn’t like it can suck it. :)

the groves said...

I'm cheering for Alicia!! Go Alicia Go!

wandering nana said...

I came back today. So sad that it is over but so grateful for the wonderful inspiration that I received to day by reading everyone's post. Thank you all for sharing. I hope you don't mind if I follow you now as I feel you are friends. Thank you Whimsey again for the opportunity to get to enjoy those around us. I think everyone should get the gold.

Alicia @ bethsix said...

I agree with Wandering Nana. And I've got to go with her again today because what she said is really sweet. :)

Aww shucks, valentine.

Meggan said...

Go wandering nana. I love you and think you should win the gold!!!

mbr photography said...

Wandering Nana should win.

Spadoman said...

WE are all winners here at The Creamery.
No, this is NOT an attempt at bribery.
It's the truth, this was fun. I love the interaction and conversation.

Peace to all.

Things Zander Says. . . said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Wandering Nana! Go for that gold!!!

I agree with Wandering Nana and with Spadoman, everyone is a winner and to everyone "cream" may mean something different but similar in the fact that it helps to define the wonderful and delightful person you are.

Sara Hammond said...

I have not joined in the Minionlympics this week, but when I read the question, I knew I had to add my thoughts. And then I read Alicia's post, and realized that she voiced thoughts I have had my whole life. Trying to fit in, not because you want to be like others, but because you want to be liked by others...I think that is why I read everything you write and have read everything you have written here at The Creamery. You are yourself and you are liked by all. I come here, hoping that a little of the Cream will rub off on me and maybe I'll be liked too. I know that sounds a little like a pity party, and maybe it is. But I think what it really is is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for being yourself in all your Creaminess and thank you for sharing that with the rest of us Minions!