Monday, February 8, 2010

minionlympics I: round one

The somewhat frightening face of the first-generation CREAMIE.
Should I be concerned that Bean saw it and started meowing?

It's not like they say something to start the Olympic games like LET THE GAMES BEGIN or whatever. There's a torch. And... we don't have a torch. We have some Creamathelete buttons, though. So there's that.

And it's not like we're having an opening ceremony. Though really I'd love an opening ceremony. It's one of my favorite things about the Olympics with the pomp and circumstance and the athletes pouring in and waving and the tiny tiny teams that have like two athletes and also someone carrying their flag and the stories with the background of people overcoming huge obstacles to reach great athletic achievement and then the CRYING and the lighting of the torch and some kind of weird stylized dance number and some last minute surprise of the person who carries the torch into the stadium... I love every single cheesy second of it. (True story: I got really mad at Chip last summer when I talked about my LOVE and EXCITEMENT for the opening ceremonies for days before and when the night actually rolled around I somehow ended up running around like a crazy person taking care of something? Like laundry? And our child? --I don't know-- And our dear Chip watched the ENTIRE THING while I only got little snippets of it and afterwards, OH THE FIERY ANGER OF THE WHIMSY UNHINDGED.)

At this point let's all have a group visualization of a terrifically overblown Minionlympics Opening Ceremony and now it's the next day and we're ready to LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

So yes. The games. Beginning.

Welcome to the First Somewhat Annual Minionlympics! If you aren't already aware, you can review the rules here. (Please, also know that if you're an occasional reader or aren't playing or whatever, you are STILL and ALWAYS welcome to comment. We are an Equal Opportunity Community here at The Creamery.

On to the games! Again!

I have a passion for packages. That sounds a little icky, but seriously... you have no idea. I LOVE putting packages together. I love receiving them. I love tying things with pretty ribbon. I love wrapping it all up in cool paper. I. Love. Packages. Out of that love came the Plain White Box. I thought it would be fun. (It has been. Definitely.) But something has been wriggling at the back of my mind about the PWB... and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized what it was: I want YOU GUYS to get it. Every time. I have great love for all the Internets, I do. But come on, you are MAH MINIONS. Out of this came


Or GMBOA, for short.

What's the point behind the GMBOA, besides SHEER AWESOMENESS? (And also it being part of the grand prize for the first place winner of the Minionlympics?) It's this: a pay-it-forward contest just for you guys.

Here's the deal: the GMBOA, being a pay-it-foward, needs to be passed on. The winner of the box will hold a drawing on their blog - but I am putting this binding rule on it: it must go to a Minion. Which means that our numbers will either grow exponentially as people who desire to win the GMBOA come back here and become an eminion (ha!) OR the current holder of the GMBOA has to specify that only Minions can enter and let the chips fall where they may. If the current GMBOA holder doesn't want to do the contest on their blog, I'd be happy to have you guys enter from here. Does this make sense? It's a way to make sure that the box passes from one Minion to another, and eventually, I'm sure, each of you will get it.

A few new twists on the box - I'm declaring another MUST. Like the box MUST contain some kind of action figure. I don't care if it's an actual tried and true action figure, Barbie's head, or a ping pong ball attached to a pipe cleaner. It just... has to have an action figure. This first inagural round of the GMBOA is going to contain none other than a SECOND GENERATION CREAMIE. You can see a glimpse of the first generation up there at the top, created by the very fantastic Samwise. The original is a little disturbing, I guess. Some kind of cheapie Dollar Store plastic man barbie wearing plastic shorts, nailed to a little block. The entire thing is spray painted silver. And lives to frighten unsuspecting guests who look inside my studio closet.

The second generation Creamie is a little less SO MUCH. But still: Creamie!

But I think this whole GMBOA with its rules and many specifics is missing one last thing. And this, my dear minions, is where you come in. Creamatheletes, STRETCH THOSE TYPING FINGERS AND PREPARE YOURSELVES, FOR HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE:

Tell me what one thing the GMBOA is missing. Should it contain one more specific item--- and if so, what is it? Am I missing something else altogether about the box and some kind of special twist that needs to take place--- and if so, what is that?



Amanda said...

Help! Your link to the rules page didn't exist. I feel as though I don't know the rules.

I'm trying to think of what else is a must? Something from Target obtained on clearance, red sticker still attached?

Anonymous said...

Something creamalicious!

M said...

I think it needs a pocket sized, printed and bound edition of the Laws of Cream. Natch.

aresgeetx said...

not sure i really get this...but i'm cheering for Alicia FTW!


Amy said...

Is it wrong to want a tiara in the box?

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Ooh ooh! I think it should include some kind of prepackaged food... a Twinkie, some potted meat, Vienna sausages, whatever... I know this sounds stupid, but I have some nostalgic affections for these things that HAPPENS to be related to wonderful packages. (Oh yes, I have my own passion for packages.) I sent Brad a package when we were both in college 2,000 miles away from each other that contained, among MANY WONDERFUL ITEMS, a Twinkie. He says it's when he decided he loved me. We started dating a couple weeks later.

Sibley Saga .... said...

I'm all for some fantastic minionesque head gear. I already have my lovely whimsy tiara from days gone by, but there's always the opportunity, ney, the desire for more.

Whimsy said...

The link to the rules is up and running - sorry about that guys!

Carry on.

Rose said...

Noodles! Can't have a GMBOA without noodles...

Kristy said...

GO ALICIA (alicia @ bethsix)!!!

wandering nana said...

I think it should contain a miniature bottle of something you put in a suitcase for travel. Not a made up bottle... but an actual replica of something you use (does this sound familiar?) It is the thing that would make it a Whimsey box for sure!

Jayme said...

I agree with Alicia- every package needs food. And that's not just because I am her personal cheerleader.

Patrick said...

GO ALICIA (bethsix)! You go girl!

Steph said...

Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!

Amanda from 4molnars!

Exclamation point!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

DO NOT READ TO CHIP... THIS IS MY SECOND COMMENT TODAY, and I am nothing if not an ethical competitor!

Ooh! I like the miniature idea! I have a tiny tiny bottle of ketchup, still sealed, on my kitchen counter. Every time I walk by it, I think of that creamy post a few months back.

Also, now that you're NOT reading this to Chip, let me say that I COMPLETELY FORGOT, in my enthusiasm for Day 1, that one of the criteria for point acquisition involves Chip. Had I remembered this, I could have RACED UP my comment for the day. Darnit!

wandering nana said...

Okay....please to ignore my first idea. I was in my wash room and saw something that made me rethink my first idea.

I think this item is a must in the box. Now granted.. I already have one and others (if I win) will have to contact you and have you send them one. First let me set it up... (don't let Alice read this-if she does she will NEVER, EVER, look at me again with a smile. She will give me the glare that all girls give when they want to attack.) Whimsey has been trying to come up with a plan to get rid of "the Paci". She actually lost one at my house (during the washroom flood of 2008). When I saw it this morning I realized hey, we could help.Sooo... How does this work? I think all of us must put one of Alice's Pacis in the box. Now since it is Whimsey's idea (to choose something that must be in the box) I know she would be more than happy to forward one of the 25 Pacis she has. By doing this she will have no choice but to get rid of the plug. And... Alice will gradually find them around the house less and less. One rule though... the box can not, I repeat, can not be sent to the Whimsey mansion (can you imagine how Alice would react when said box is opened and there before her are the 25 "lost" Pacis? So, I think we should help the Head Creamette out with her little creamette. I would be happy to start (of course that means I have to win.) "}

Rose said...

2nd comment (doesn't count for Chip's consideration).

LOL @ Wandering Nana! What an excellent idea! And yes, I could imagine Alice's face! It would be like that Triumphant Bean photo, only with a whole fistful of pacis clutched in her Toddler Death Grip!

KAY said...

I think there should be something that evokes thoughts of Dairy or Creaminess.

- milk chocolate
- Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Lotion
- and perhaps the coolest milk-themed night light ever (

Heidi said...

What about a small notebook where where everyone writes something about themselves...doesn't have to be super personal just a little tid bit so we know a little about who we are playing with...or another idea with the notebook could be a continous story that everyone adds to. Then at the end it can be sent back to Whimsey and she can post it for everyone to read. We used to do this growing up only we called them "George Stories" We'd sit in a circle in the family room on the floor with the lights down low and everyone would take turns adding to the story about George. Sometimes they were really scary!! But soooo much fun!!!

jwan said...

Go go KAY!

I'll post every day!

So you can win the GMBOA!

I tried a haiku
but it was close to ten and
it was hard to do

S said...

Yay, Alicia @ bethsix!

Hughes Family said...

Go Wandering Nana!!!

Michelle said...

Round 1 cheers for Wandering Nana!

katie said...

Lets Wandering Nana, Lets Go

Meggan said...

Yeah Wandering Nana!!! GO GO Go!

mbr photography said...

Wandering Nana should win.