Friday, February 5, 2010

budding artist

I have a post ready to go with details about the Minionlympics, but seeing as how we're still away from home (heading there on a plane this evening - HERE I COME HUMIDITY I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER), I'm going to post it tomorrow. Stop by and check it out this weekend, because it has some information you'll need for next week's GAMES.
In the meantime, I want to share something very exciting with you. Just a couple of days ago, in a Twin Falls, Idaho hotel room I stumbled upon quite a discovery. It turns out we have been harboring QUITE an artist in residence. None other than Miss Bean Whimsylastname.

She was very modest.

And chooses to let her art speak for itself. On every pillow on the bed.
Also her shoes.


Amanda said...


Get that girl some washable markers stat!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

First, Miss Bean Whimsylastname is wearing perhaps the cutest shirt I've ever seen in that first picture.

And I love the Chucks. Was just commenting on my 8-yr-old's One Stars this AM. He has twisted and braided and torn the laces, so he doesn't have to tie them. Grr.

Third, Anneke is an artist, so we started early with this refrain (which is usually, but not always true): "Only on paper."

Fourth, OHMYGOSH, I thought I was going to get to hear about Minionlympics today!!!!

The suspense!

Chip said...

Non refunded deposit for pillow cases: $10
New fresh pad of drawing paper at Target: $2
Having a prodigy abstract artist under 2 years old: priceful
I'm a proud daddy

Heidi said...

You guys will have to bring your own pillow cases from now on! Cute picture of Bean!

wandering nana said...

Oh no, watch it walls. Here comes the budding artist. Crayons, markers, pens and pencils go up one shelf higher! "}

Chelle said...

Did you get to keep the artworky pillowcases? If so, you should totally frame them. They may be worth millions someday when your little Picasso does become a bonafide artist! Also - am enjoying a glimpse at what we have to look forward to with our little bundle of messy joy.