Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a conversation with chip

Chip: You're not going to post those pictures of the deer in your parents' backyard, are you?

Whimsy: Of course I am. Why wouldn't I?

Chip: Because... they're odd.

Whimsy: I love odd. Besides, you took a bunch of them yourself.

Chip: Mine were restful.

Whimsy: What? Mine were restful too!

Chip: No. Yours were weird.

Whimsy: What do you mean by weird?

Chip: You took pictures of deer cleaning their bums.

Whimsy: It was a part of nature.

Whimsy: Would you rather I post the picture of the deer burying her head in the snow?

Whimsy: And besides, it's not like I took A LOT of them.

...and if you lasted through the end of this post, I have a teaser for tomorrow: I'm going to make an official announcement about the MINIONLYMPICS, coming next week!


Anonymous said...

Dear Chip, I did not think Whimsy's pics were odd at all.

So there.

Shelly Duh

KAY said...

Thanks for the, uh, educational pictures. National Geographic never shows anything like that...

Eleanor Q. said...

My parents also get a lot of deer and at some point during the winter I get a whole smattering of "deer in the yard" photos my mom takes. I think they're fun.

Also: I've been gearing up for the olympics by humming the NBC olympic tune all week. Yay!

statia said...

I personally love that you took pictures of deer licking their butts. I mean after all, they ALL do it.

stacie d said...

Cleaning his bum? I thought he was doing yoga. That's quite a stretch.

Amanda said...

Yoga for deer! Yes.