Thursday, February 25, 2010


I woke this morning feeling scratchy and restless.

Sure signs of an angst I know too well:
a lack of inspiration.

I blame the fever a la cabin (that's cabin fever for plain).

So I sat in bed with Bean.

(Who is feeling a bit better --fingers crossed, I think I think I think we're on the back side of The Sick--.)

And I perused some of my favorite webbies for some of that missing sparkle.

An idea.

Something that would ignite my inner vision.

I found a few that seem promising.

I will hold these little bits of spark in my hands today

and hope that I can kindle the flame.

A rainy(ish) day to create something interesting.

I have a birthday cake to imagine (I'm leaning toward a tiny cake with twirly fairy flags atop).

And a few birthday surprises to finish.

Here's to a good Thursday.

What are you doing today?


Swistle said...

I'm sulking and playing Solitaire, but I also made popovers for the first time. When Henry goes down for a nap I think I'll snooze in the recliner.

stacie d said...

I'm just uninspired here at work....wishing it was 5:00 so I can go be uninspired at home. HA!

Erin P said...

I know how you feel. I'm here at work doing uninspiring work in an uninspired office. When I get home hopefully my needlework, my blog, or a book will help me find a spark. Or maybe I can get my son to play some music on his guitar. The young have more sparks, I think.

Chelle said...

Clearly, it is Uninspired Week around these parts. The Sick has plagued our house for entirely too long, which means I am sitting in my bed, feeling the lingering yuck of The Sick while waiting for some inspiration too. It's nice to know I'm not alone. :)

Jayme said...

Today I am attempting to watch Lost season 4 (someday I will get to the current one LOL) and I'm changing blowout diapers approximately every 30 minutes- which means I'm also changing clothes and linens and doing lots of laundry. Good times.

Anonymous said...

cleaned like crazy today, in preparation for my mom visiting from Chicago tomorrow. She arrives at 11:30am and Shelby and I are very excited. I cleaned stuff I hadn't cleaned in, oh almost a year probably - ick! feels good, though. Knocking things off my "to do" list - which also feels good. Got lots of snuggles from my sweet pea and was surprised to hear her say new words, and count to 4 today -- all for the first time. Ah - life moving forward - sweet ;-) have a happy Friday tomorrow, friend .. K8

Spadoman said...

I've woken up many a day and had no ambition or incentive to do anything. I know the feeling. But today, I have to go to the eye doctor and they are doing some laser treatments on my eyes. Seems the retinopathy needs some service. I'll get my eyes dilated and the laser beam shot into them. Someone will drive me to and from the VA since I won't be able to see very well after the treatment.
I'll rest this afternoon, probably take a nap on the sofa, (no kids, beans, bugs or Yoodys to take care of until after school, and then the caregiver that drove me will be here to watch the kids!, Good to have back-up)
Bake me some of those cup cakes.