Tuesday, December 9, 2008

there's one every year

I'm taking nominations for Most Annoying Holiday TV Commercial. My vote goes to the Hallmark singing cards one with the lady that follows her toddler around the house trying to get him to say Merry Christmas. Mostly he just babbles and walks away. At the end of the commercial, the card has been sent to some grand parents and they open it to hear a little song and then this voice (and this is the part that kills me) saying some version of "Merry Christmas". This voice? Does not belong to the kid. You can tell it doesn't belong to the kid. IT DOESN'T BELONG TO ANY KID. IT'S, LIKE, SOME STUPID CARTOON VERSION OF SOME FORTY-YEAR-OLD WOMAN TRYING TO SOUND LIKE A KID. A KID WHO CAN'T SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hate this commercial so much. And yet I watch it every time it comes on: waiting to hear the crappy fake voice. It's the Holiday Train Wreck Commercial of 2008.

So that's my nomination. What's yours?


Amanda said...

See, I have a solution for the problem of obnoxious commercials - TIVO.

Everytime someone asks me if I've seen X commercial I honestly reply "Nope".

Tivo is good for my mental health!

Pickles and Dimes said...

I don't know what it's for and I don't even want to *think* about it for too long in case it gets stuck in my head again, but there's some commercial out there where carolers are repeating, "Share joy, share joy, share joy," over and over and over.

I'd rather share my fist with their overdramatic singing faces, but that would be frowned upon, I guess.

Kristi said...

That card commercial is super annoying!

God Bless my DVR because I rarely ever watch a commercial!

artemisia said...

Oh, any of the Kay jewelry commercials. Those make me want to barf, and barf, and barf.

So unimaginative and ridiculous. Please.

"This is THE ONE."



emily said...

funny!! unfortunately (or fortunately maybe) we DVR most of the TV we watch ... so i don't have to watch/be subjected to commercials! ;)

Alice said...

i'm with artemisia... EVERY KAY COMMERCIAL EVER. hate. pukey hate. ew.

Sam said...

Well, I don't have one... BUT I just saw the commercial you described and I thought it was really annoying!

Julie said...

The Hallmark commercial is horrid. However, I am annoyed on a yearly basis by the Lexus December to Remember commercials. Who does that? Who buys someone a $50,000.00 car for Christmas? And can I meet them?

Oh, and you don't know me but I know Chip from waaaaayyyy back when...

stacie d said...

These commercials only come out around Christmas:
The Clapper
Chia Pet

Even though the commercials drive me insane, I still kinda want one of each. Just like I did when I was 10.

tearese said...

I either have a bad memory, or I don't watch enough network tv, because I feel like I haven't really seen any comercials ala Christmas yet. I'll keep my eyes open for that one though.