Wednesday, July 13, 2011

magic bean stock

We were laughing the other day, Chip and I, about all the little weird things that Bean does, so very grateful that I've managed to catch a lot of them with my camera. I usually post them on Facebook.

Then Chip told me, "I hope that people know that we don't pose her for these things. That she comes up with them all on her own."

It made me think, actually, like I wanted to jump on my small soapbox and shout I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. So begins a new series here at The Creamery, Magic Bean Stock. And for the record let's note: I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

I'm calling this one Doppelganger.

...Doppelganger because I walked into the studio to find her wearing a travel pillow on her head and I immediately thought of this:

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