Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sleeping habits of the baby boyd

Or, more accurately, NONsleeping habits.  The little dude is charming from the moment he wakes around 6:30am to eat and smile and sneeze (without fail: four times in a row).  Then, throughout the day he continues to eat and smile and poop and sneeze AND DOESN'T SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES AT TIME.  For thirteen hours.  He retires as a gentleman should at the considerate hour of 9pm. 

I am doing my best to take this in stride.

But yesterday his charms were dimmed by the intermitant crying fits he deemed fit to add to his repertoire.

Alice had her sleep issues, heaven knows I struggled through them.  And as it goes, I've defended the dude's little quirks because I think he's scrumptious.  But come ON.  I've tried putting him down in quiet rooms, loud rooms, bright rooms, dark rooms, tightly swaddled and barely blanketed.  Nothing really makes a difference except if I'm actually sleeping WITH him and can attend his every whimper and move.  So that's clearly out.

Did you have or do you have children with weird sleep issues?  And more specifically, anyone have experience with the rare non-daytime sleeping baby?

This baby says Who wouldn't want to spend thirteen hours a day with me?


Anonymous said...

I've got nothing for you but admiration of your adorable boy. Those toes!!!!

Chelle said...

You have the cutest... baby... ever! So, um, yeah - I didn't really want to post about this because I don't know that misery loves company in this situation, but had to raise my hand with the no-sleeping-in-the-daytime-baby question. I kept waiting for Benjamin to follow all of those blasted books that said that newborns sleep 12-15 hours during the day. I soon discovered that they were Big Fat Liars. To this day, Benjamin does not sleep the prescribed amount of time; like his mom, he only requires minimal sleep. Not that it makes you feel any better to know this sad tale, but dude, I feel for ya. If you ever need a mommy time-out, I'm there... because I've been there and know even supermoms like you need a breather. Take care!

Amanda said...

I had good daytime sleepers. I can't complain. I also always told them that it was the law that kids had to nap until the day they turned 5 and then again if they were sick. They believed me.

Anyhoo, despite that, my oldest was the type of kid that needed a good scream before he could get himself to sleep at night. He'd hollar and make a huge fuss and then pass out. For the longest time I felt terrible about that and tried all sorts of things to get him to be calm and not feel the need to scream but...nothing worked so I figured we'd just get the screaming overwith each night.

Kids are weird. I'd give anything for a daytime nap.

Laura said...

Oh yeah. I have myself one of those too. He's 12 months this month and the only time he's slept longer than a half hour in the daytime is if I slept next to him and nursed him every time he stirs. I also have an 8yo and 6yo, and after a full year of DH making most of our meals, I'm slowly getting my home-making groove back on!