Monday, March 31, 2008


I realize that I'm in the doghouse with a few of you... it wasn't so much that I even realized I was drowning. Do you know how that is? (But thank you for being so sweet... really!)

They say that babies go through growth spurts. Growth spurts at 3 weeks, at 6 weeks, at 3 months, at 6 months - you get the idea. These periods of growth mean almost round-the-clock feedings which translate to round-the-clock wakefulness. Chip has been amazing, but with his work schedule it can be hard for him to help out at 2am. Mom and I spoke on the phone a lot in the early morning and my lack of sleep was more than obvious, I guess. She bought a plane ticket soon after. I know that I'm not good at asking for help. Sometimes it's a case of not knowing that you need help, is what I'm saying. Chip reminded me recently that this whole growth spurt thing isn't just for the baby - and maybe I've grown up a bit in the last 4 weeks as well.

With all of these late night feedings, I've been watching an embarassing amount of television (when you're breast feeding at 2am, there isn't much you can do to stay awake other than watch TV).

Without any further delay, I had to share a few observations with y'all.

Sleep Number Beds:
Who in their right mind chooses LINDSAY WAGNER as their spokeperson when they are trying to sell beds that promote a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP? The poor woman is ...hammered. And that's putting it lightly. If this is the image of someone who has been using a Sleep Number bed for any length of time, it's the last mattress I want to use. Somehow I imagine that the bed is actually making her AGE before our very eyes.

Paula Abdul and American Idol:
We've developed Paula Speak when it is her turn to offer her opinion. It goes something like this: Your voice is like angel wings that glitter and make me feel like I'm going to float into a wave of rainbows up in the sky. The woman is... very loopy. She makes my brain hurt a little bit.

What is up with all the male enhancement commercials?

Sci-Fi Channel Made-For TV Movies:
The Sci-Fi channel goes through a series of movie types. It goes something like this: super natural disasters (10.5 APOLCOLYSE anyone?); aliens; bugs as invading force; men turning into giant bugs (MANSQUITO has to be my favorite); vampires; and giant snakes. I don't exatly know where ROCK MONSTER fits into this model. Any ideas?

Your turn. I want to hear random TV observations from you guys.


tearese said...

Sci-fi is the BEST channel to watch when you're trying to stay awake. They have so much junk on there, mixed in with some nice Anime, Stargate, and Star Trek.
But personally, I just feed the baby in bed and fall asleep with them. Works for me.

ailene said...

Ah... round the clock feedings... that's when the advice to sleep when the baby sleeps REALLY comes in handy... if you have household cleaning that you like to do sometimes, then Chip can help out by taking that on. The only thing for you to do is feed the baby, shower, and sleep! Chip can do other baby things like bathing...

Speaking of sleeping when babies sleep... that's what I should be doing right now... :)

Actually, if I need to stay awake while breastfeeding, I usually read... so I can't tell you anything about what's on TV... other than the one hour of Sesame Street that my two older children watch almost on a daily basis.