Monday, March 31, 2008

another observation

This one, from Chip:

I've never seen poo come shooting out of someone's bum before.


The Wife said...

My friend Sarah, when she had her daughter, she told us this story about how she was changing her in their living room and she pooped while Sarah was cleaning her bum and the poop ARCHED up into the air and splattered their whole living room.

I found it difficult to sit on their furniture after that.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Oh, no. I bet that's not the last time, either.

(When can we see pics - please???) :)

Chip said...

pics of poo?! jk

How is it that when you see your 4 week old baby girl, that your heart just breaks cuz you want to be her best-est friend? I'm smitten with a girl that can mess up a perfectly nice fluffy white diaper. and how is it that she continues to smell good afterwards. Seriously, I can't hold her close enough.... being a dad rocks!

Heidi said...

I'd never seen that either until the little Wooga man came along. :)

Chip--Aww, what a sweet comment! That's exactly how I feel--I can't ever hold my baby close enough. :)

ailene said...

Just wait until he changes her diaper and as he's sliding a new diaper underneath her, she'll pee on his hand... (trust me... it happens, if you're not careful!)