Tuesday, September 11, 2012

never small on 9/11

Last night's late-night post seems irreverent today.  The light of day (no matter how dazzling and beautiful) can make things like that seem so small when so many families grieve on an occasion such as this.

Makes me think about the anniversary of any death: how the world shrinks to the space around you, while everyone else is complaining about their taxes or trying to figure out when they'll take that family vacation and you're richocheting against the walls of the smallest prison, pain so intense you can hardly breathe.

My attempt to honor that pain and give space in the debris for the way you mourn, however that way may be.

Hold your loved ones close and know that they do the same, whether they're here or in heaven.

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Pickles and Dimes said...

I think often about how people cope in times of grief. Like how difficult it must be to go through their days when the world seems to be spinning without them and everyone is going on with their lives, when all they want is for everything to STOP for one moment and reassure them that yes, something terrible has happened and that eventually, things will be OK. Just that small moment of recognition and validation. That what happened to them matters.

I'm glad you're back, BTW.