Tuesday, September 11, 2012

not about spider monkeys

Do not ask me why I'm awake at 12:38 in the morning researching natural predators of spider monkeys. 

Though since I am awake and tired I will tell you that spider monkeys are pretty cute.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?  And also a solo parent for the entire week while my husband attends a conference in picturesque Mesquite, Utah?  (or is that in Nevada?)

I took Max to his 6-month check-up yesterday.  That kid is going to be solely responsible for ruining what was left of my posture.  17 pounds and it's all muscle.  He's crawling.  Yes, crawling.  That doesn't seem right.  Something else that doesn't seem right is the fact that I have a feeling he's going to be walking by the time he's nine months.  Mark my words.

You guys have asked me how Alice is doing, how she likes her baby brother.  That can be its own post, but the short answer is that she loves it.  And loves him.  Loves him so much that I'm frequently shouting DON'T LAY ON THE BABY and DON'T ROLL OVER ON HIM and DON'T PUT YOUR FEET ON THE BABY.  Secretly I think that baby would let her carry him around in her purse if she could.  He adores his big sissy, breaks into the most awesome smile whenever he see her.

And now I'm feeling sleepy again and thinking I should heed the bodily warning since a little wee Max boy is going to need my conscious attention in about six hours.

See you on the other side.

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tearese said...

wow, what a big kid! Sounds like he's growing fast. Elora and Josh were the same: she'd squeeze him, poke his eyes, push him over, pile toys on his face, yet he always was so excited to see her and adored her when he was a baby.