Thursday, July 26, 2007

the weepies

I've had a particularly weepy two days - just about anything makes me cry: Chip not smiling when he comes home from work, running out of My (Current) Favorite Juice, the garbage not getting picked up, a kind gesture from a co-worker (Kristy brought me flowers! For no reason!), Chip asking me to talk to Hairy Next Door Neighbor to see if his garbage was picked up, waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep (they never told me this pregnancy thing would also cause simultaneous INSOMNIA and TEETH ACHING EXHAUSTION), the stupid song from That Swedish Band that keeps rumbling through my head (it's not sad in the least bit - I cry because I CAN'T GET THE DARN THING OUT OF MY HEAD), the insipid contents of the lunch bag I packed this morning, an expense reconciliation program at Workplace that is not working correctly and just makes me so mad, the currently disgusting and messy state of our bedroom, the fact that my pants chafe and BOTHER THE BELLY (and these are the GOOD ones), the Skin Situation I have going on - dry, nasty, pimply skin!, the number of times I get up to pee, the fact that I feel bad about all this pregnancy-related stuff because I'm going to give birth and isn't that a WONDERFUL thing?, the sheer unadulterated pleasure that Chip can be and how he makes me laugh by doing the goofiest things like sending me emails from Fergus (including spelling and typing mistakes - because, you know, he's a cat), and Melissa's amazing email from today - giving me hope, helping me to see the light in every person. I'm lucky. So very lucky. (Also a weepy mess - but a darn LUCKY weepy mess.)


Melissa said...

Hooray for happy tears! Hooray for beautiful creamy blog! Hooray for The Belly! Three cheers for the Supreme and Creamy! All hail her Creaminess!

Seriously, sweets. so proud of you.

stacie d said...

what you said about the song in your head making you cry....reminded me of my pregnant friend who got nauseous when she heard "crazy" by gnarls barkley! and this was last year when the song was on all the time on every radio station! it made her physically ill...and i am willing to bed she cried too. xoxoxo