Tuesday, June 24, 2008

around the bend

I'm feeling introspective today - especially in this moment, when I have a rare minute of quiet time. Alice is asleep upstairs, Chip is at work, Fergus is sleeping in Alice's room, and Phoebe is THANKFULLY padding around the house, taking a brief break from the horrid hairball vomitfest (last night was a treat, let me tell you).

Why the introspection, you ask? (Or maybe you don't ask - but you're here, and you're reading, so there's some level of curiosity... right?) I've been thinking about my Current State of Affairs. I am grateful that I'm able to stay home with Alice, that we've been working on making it possible for me to stay with her permanently. For so long, this stay-at-home gig has been something we were hoping for but wouldn't commit to completely. I have woken up every morning, grateful to be here, but with the unsteady gaze of someone who couldn't promise tomorrow would be the same. A few weeks ago my paid leave from work ended. And we faced yet another milestone, another choice, another fork in the road. I called my boss and told him I needed more time. He was amazing and sweet and said Yes, of course. I'm on unpaid leave until July 22nd. And we are hurtling toward that date with rocket speed.

We've had some wonderful conversations about this next choice, this next step. We are so grateful that some opportunities have arisen to make a stay-at-home-Whimsy possible.

Wish me luck. I'm going to make a phone call today that will change everything.


Pickles & Dimes said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!

artemisia said...

Oh, Whims. WOW. Thinking of you!