Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the truth about chip

Edited to add: the link works NOW. Am huge typing loser.

I've got to tell you something about Chip. He doesn't like monkeys. I know. I KNOW! The dude just doesn't like monkeys. Says he doesn't trust them. That they might bite you as soon as you turn your back on them. Says that they probably smell. He can't STAND baboons because of their bright red bare bums. That stuff just freaks him out. Chip has no desire to ever hold a chimpanzee's hand, or to look into the eyes of a tiny capuchin. He has something against every single monkey.

So you can imagine why I haven't shared this post from Stacie with him. Though as far as I'm concerned, I think it's just FANTASTIC.

Let's get that chimp a star.


stacie d said...

Chip's non-love for monkeys was the one & only thing I didn't like about him. The other 99.9999% of him is wonderful!!

Thanks for supporting this chimp! I hope he gets his well-deserved star... MONKEY POWER!!!!!!!!!!

Chip said...

I'm a complicated dude

emily said...

while i know A LOT about that husband of yours ... this is one thing that surpises me ... he seems like such a cuddly kinda guy that would love to hold a chimps hand! lol!

stacie d said...

Bad news. The list of 2009 recipients came out today and Cheeta isn't on it. Maybe 2010!