Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I Don't Laugh About This, I'll Cry

Let's give it up for the Universe with a Sense of Humor: how funny is it that the Massive Hair Exodus (wherein all but three of my hairs flee my head) coincides with Bean Dexterity 101? I have found her clutching Mommy Hairs and CHEWING on Mommy Hairs so many times I don't even get weirded-out anymore.

Go ahead, kid: eat my hair. YUMMY.

And seriously: I know it's all normal and such, but DUDE HOW CAN ONE HUMAN BEING LOSE THIS MUCH HAIR AND STILL HAVE SOME LEFT? I wake up in the morning fully expecting to find little bald patches. When is this madness going to end?!?!

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Grossarths said...

Seriously! It is ridiculous! I think I just ended that phase, and my baby is 8 months old!!! The shower has been clogged since Jackson was born and Kevin has been ready to tell me to just take sponge baths after de-clogging the shower about 87 times! I totally understand what you're going through.