Friday, February 20, 2009

the teeth that ate manhattan

Based on my careful observation of The Alice in the Wilds of the Last Homely House, I've decided that my child is going to succumb to one (or all) of the following:

- Death by consumption of under-refrigerator dust bunnies (I just don't even want to know what was actually in the one I fished OUT OF HER MOUTH two days ago).

- Severed arm, leg, and/or missing eyeball from Intense Phoebe Loving (I caught Alice SITTING on Phoebe yesterday, I kid you not).

- Starvation (she has gone from eating everything to eating bread and cheese to eating bread to eating AIR. And formula. Occasionally she will lower herself to eat a cracker. THAT'S IT.)

- Death by teething. At this point, its HER or ME. Those two teeth still haven't broken through the gums, though we're close. Really close.

Annnnnnd we finally have actual photographic evidence of the Chomper Icebergs. Behold:

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! If you're not doing anything, you're welcome to come over and have Alice chew on your leg. Or arm. Or squishy cartilage. She's not picky.


Anonymous said...

She's so darn cute!

Shall I send over some of our dogs' chew toys?

I learned early that eating is apparently very overrated. Get used to it. It sucks.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Maybe Alice wants to BE a cat?

Eating dust bunnies.

Sitting on her fellow feline.

Growing fangs.


Heidi W. said...

She is just showing the cats who boss early on! I hope they are taking notice of those cute fangs! I love the the picture!

Alice said...

haha, i'm not easily grossed out, but the under-fridge dust bunnies gave ME the wigs a little bit. hopefully for alice, your under-fridge dust bunnies are less.. um... "intense," shall we say? than mine are. :-)

angelalois said...

WOW those ARE significant chompers!! They keep rising and rising... like stay-puft marshmallow men or something. In other news, Wes-man has YET ANOTHER, we're up to a grand total of 7. Sheesh.

wandering nana said...

You are toooooo funnnnnnnny.

stacie d said...

She looks precious!! I miss her! I wish I could go get chewed on for a while!

nutmeg said...

I'd gladly eat those cheeks with a spoon! Delicious!

tearese said...

my kids go through that no eating thing every few months. I always think they're gonna die, but eventually they go back to liking SOMEthing. At least for a few weeks.