Monday, March 21, 2011

my advancement as a mother

In every child's life, there is a point when the parent presents them with an article of clothing.
An article of clothing that the parent considers to be sassy and adorable. Fetching, really.
An article of clothing the child wears to be photographed.
An article of clothing that comes to be known to the child as evidence of their parent's frightfully questionable fashion sense.
An article of clothing that is pointed to, in later years, as a sure sign of the parent's horrible infliction of dreadful outfits --- 'the last straw, really' the child will say as she vows that from then on she dressed herself.
So far I have avoided what I believe to be some of the more outrageous clothing options I could have inflicted on Bean.
Not anymore.
I have created the pair of pants sure to grant me the desired status of MOTHER-DRESSER DESTROYER OF WORLDS.
And I had to share.

(Those would be black-and-white gingham check pants, people. If I thought I wouldn't be laughed off the street, I'd sew a pair for myself. Because really: BLACK AND WHITE GINGHAM CHECK.)


Alicia said...

Those are freaking adorable. You could totally do a tight leg skinny pant and call yourself a hipster. (I am assuming your northwestern hipsters look like our hipsters here.)

Tamara said...

Oh how I envy you and your child's stylish ways. May she always love what you make her....of course she will since it's always so cute!
Short story on child fashion at my house: My hubs was telling me it doesn't matter what Luke is wearing...whatever is just fine. That doesn't work for me. Right now I have the ability to dress our child and make him as cute and handsome as possible, but there will come a time when he won't want to wear what I pick out at which point I'll just go with it. Luke has already been telling me he doesn't want his hair spiked up for awhile now so it's beginning.

KAY said...

Aahh! I had a pair of grandma-made polyester black and white checked pants (bigger squares than the Bean's). At the time i loved the pants - elastic waistband and all. these pants are well-documented in family photos and sadly look like a crazy optical illusion.

Bean's pants are very cute!

wandering nana said...

I loved this outfit. So darling.

Jayme said...

She's so cute. I love when you post pics of Mini Cream.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Wait, what do you mean you couldn't make yourself a pair?! Little shorts? Skirt? Capris? TOTALLY CAPRIS.

(Here's where my friends and family come and hijack this comment to ensure you understand you should NOT be taking fashion advice from me.)

tearese said...

I want some. I would wear them. Of course, in college I could use the excuse that I was an art major to explain my clothes...I don't know what I could say these days...