Monday, March 7, 2011

word economy

It was called word economy. A term for using only the words necessary to describe an action - a term for editing the extra verbiage, an abbreviated way of telling us to use less words. We used the term in high school debate, when time was short and the volume of ideas was encompassing. Word economy: say what you mean, but only use the most necessary statements to do so.

When I think back on last week, this past weekend, word economy comes to mind. The quiet celebration of Bean's birthday in a blur of cake and presents (A TRICYCLE) and the occasional necessary couch lay-down for Chip, punctuated by the sound of both Chip and Alice's coughing.

Around Saturday morning I started to feel the telltale pressure in my eardrums, the growing weight of sinus pressure in my head. I refused to acknowledge the approaching Storm of Sick, knowing that Chip would be leaving early Monday morning for a week-long business trip. Oh how I dread being sick and incapacitated during stints of solo parenting.

Word economy. I used that on Sunday when the Storm of Sick circled our house in one vast cloud. Best to not talk about it at all, really.

So we approach this week with hope and few words, though I have some saved up for longer posts in the days to come.

And these words, most economic of all:

Just beautiful.

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ixBeths said...

here's a funny thing about knowing you on the onlines. every picture i see of you, i think you look a little different than the picture i have in my head. this is obviously because i've never SEEN you, in 3D form. but it's funny. it's always like, "THAT'S not what she looks like!" except it is because, well, the photograph is POSSIBLY better documentation than my brain, which has compiled maybe 20 photos of you over time.

i am obviously not into word economy right now. and i didn't even say what i was trying to say. ha!

i am sick too. woe is me. i'm ALSO about to be a solo parent wed through sat. i'll only have one child, blessed be.