Monday, August 15, 2011

where I am

Where I am is pouring an entire glass of water on Phoebe the cat last week because she was doing a repeat behavior that drives me crazy.  There were other options to deter her from her course of action: things like a stern NO, loud clapping of hands, maybe even walking out of the room and just ignoring her for another day.  Instead there was me silently retrieving the mason jar of water off my nightstand and ever-so-calmly dumping the contents on the cat.  Chip was not impressed with my tactics.

Where I am is so quiet I can't scream sound into the atmosphere.

Where I am is forcing Chip to watch City Slickers.  Without irony.

Where I am is dreams of rising water and mud, sure to suck me under if I don't seek higher ground.

Where I am is hunting for solace in familiar things: book jackets so worn they feel like flannel, movie plots I can recite from start to finish, recipes so comfortable they come to the dinner table like very old friends.

Where I am is here, but not for long.  I'm sure of it.


Rainyday said...

Sounds like where I am. Hello, friend!

Alicia said...

this reminds me of a recent crappy pictures post. i may have said this before.