Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a brief message from olivia

Olivia says that Halloween was a blast - even with her parents swapping out the dangerous nut-laden candy for Tootsie Rolls.

She would like to know how you fared with your Halloween festivities, and if anyone else's ears tended to flop over their eyes a little bit?

And lastly, she would like to suggest that you tune in to The Creamery tomorrow for a bit of News.  Because besides a fabulous Halloween, Monday was also the day when the Whimsy family found out the gender of the little Polly creature.  And on Wednesday, Whimsy herself will reveal the findings here, along with various details of personal reactions from Chip and Alice.  Would anyone care to hazard a guess for Boy or Girl?


Anonymous said...


(that was me singing)

Adorable child you have there.

I'm feeling a boy, for no real reason at all, other than then you could have Ian or William to add to the family.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Adorable pics!!

OOHhhh baby!!! BABY BABY!!

Um, I'll guess girl.

Amanda said...

Oh I love her!

I vote girl!

Alicia said...

Is it weird slash creepy for me to say I love Alice? Because I kinda love Alice. Also, she's a little bit stinking cute.

Bird said...

LOVE! What a great costume!

I'm voting girl. No partiuclar reason. Just a hunch.

ps: I really need you to open an Etsy store because I am looking for soft sole slippers/non walker shoes for B and there are too many choices. It would be easier to just go to your store and pick up a cute pair rather than hem and haw at the 5,000 options out there. Just saying.