Thursday, November 10, 2011

necessary introduction

Let me introduce Pregnant Whimsy.

Pregnant Whimsy forgets things.  She hands Chip the remote control and then promptly says WHERE DID I PUT THE REMOTE CONTROL.

Pregnant Whimsy is accident-prone.  She locks herself out of the house while Alice is napping inside it.

Pregnant Whimsy is slow.  She takes twice as long to complete any task and is mystified that she's so tired at night.

Pregnant Whimsy has cravings.  Chocolate.  Especially plain Hershey's Kisses.  The richer and more milky, the better.  Toast, thick with butter.  Apples.  Mostly Gala, or Honey Crisp if she can get them on sale.  Chilled cold in the 'fridge, and sliced.  Tall glasses of cold water.  Deep bowls of cereal.  Milk, warmed until almost hot, with a scoop of sugar and a splash of vanilla.

Pregnant Whimsy might be disgusting.  She says might because her husband is particularly appalled by the recent hot-milk addiction, but it's so delicious that she can't be sure that this is a craving she'll later regret when she is no longer pregnant.

Pregnant Whimsy is tired.  Wait - Pregnant Whimsy might have already said that.  Pregnant Whimsy advises you to see above re: forgetful.


Alicia said...

i read that thing about milk, and i was like UMMM. and then i reread it, and yep, that's what you wrote. and so i thought my comment would have to be about how NASTY that is, but then i thought maybe pregnant whimsy would be offended. but then chip said it for me.

and then i said it here again.

Anonymous said...

Hot milk, huh? Not even sure what to say about that other than it's a good thing Pregnant Whimsy gets a free pass.

Bird said...

I could not get enough pasta in cream sauce with spinach when I was pregnant with Fussbot. With B I think it was ice cream and bagels and pizza. Cravings are a funny thing.

I found that I was less tired after I was pregnant. Go figure.