Wednesday, February 22, 2012

butterflies in her hair

There is no fooling you people, is there?  Monday's post starred dear sweet Alice as a party goer wearing a pee pee teepee, that ever-strange and hopefully useful baby boy accessory.

I found a pattern to make some, and with the fabulous Wandering Nana as my seamstress (everyone needs a friend like her), we've been in pee pee teepee production.

Also on the docket of pre-baby necessities:
- cute swaddle blankets
- pacifier clips
- curtains for the little buddy's room

Four weeks from yesterday, gulp.  There is a whole bunch of stuff that I need to tell you.  Like, a WHOLE bunch.  But for now, I am thinking of how Alice insisted that she "decorate" my hair two nights ago, and proceeded to put little butterfly-shaped buttons in my hair.  I forgot about them until a few hours later when I went to get ready for bed and took my hair out of its ponytail.  A little shower of butterflies fell down at my feet.  These are the small things to enjoy.  Anything new with you?

And this: if you had four weeks before your 2nd baby was due, what would you DO exactly?  (I'm not BORED, for heaven's sake, just wondering how you'd choose to spend your time.)  Give me your best advice.


Anonymous said...

I once wore S's headband with butterfly wings on it. I completely forgot until many hours later I answered the door still wearing them and could not figure out why the delivery man was staring at me so strangely.

4 weeks, huh? Yeah, good luck with that. I don't know what I'd do.

Alicia said...

I would see lots and lots of movies.

serenity now said...

I'm with Alicia. The last four weeks before I gave birth, I had to be on bedrest anyway. I was bored and frustrated at the time, but now I look back on those days as sweet memories--just me and the kiddos (in utero), watching some flicks. Just hangin' out-- before the bedlam started. That was so much more worth it than the frenzied trip to Target (three days after I got the green light to go off bedrest) to get "just some last-minute things" before the babes were born.

I recommend less busy-ness and more rest. Like letting your sweet girl put butterflies in your hair.

Bird said...

I would relish the mundane. Run fun errands just you and Alice. Sit quietly and have coffee and appreciate the moment of not being tied to a little person. Even when life settles down and you establish a new rhythm its not the same. I would also try to have some nice "me" time.

So EXCITED for you guys!!

Andrea said...

Wow, I missed almost your whole pregnancy in my blogging-absence. I'm so happy for you, your family and your impending arrival!! Since I only had one baby, I can't imagine what it's like to prepare for a second with your little girl, but I'd certainly be doing a lot of just that: preparing. But not running around, more on the mental/emotional side with Alice and be nice to yourself. Remember, even though it's incredibly wonderful, it will be stressful!!

tearese said...

Spend lots of time with Alice...maybe its just me, but no matter how you plan not to, I find you get a lot more irritated with the older kid/s when the baby comes, and have less time for them than before. Get lots of rest, when you can. Go on dates where you can't take a baby. That kind of stuff.

wandering nana said...

Rest....slow down (yeah right!) and enjoy the one on one with Miss Alice.... and wait until I get home before you have the little man. "}

Mae said...

I'm due in 2 weeks and have a 3 yr old daughter. Very similar situation. Anyways, I agree with some previous posts and have spent a bit more one on one time with my girl LIly, opting to take her to a children's carnival this weekend etc so she feels extra special& also relaxing quite a bit. BUT I think its a nice balance. Yesterday I sat and watched tv & today I cooked lasagna & beef stroganoff meals to freeze for when baby gets here. Sitting every day would be pretty boring but go go go each day is too taxing. Do what you're up for <3