Monday, February 20, 2012

a monday morning riddle for the interwebz

Well hello there.  Happy President's Day and Monday and everything wrapped up together.

For your special reading and viewing pleasure, I pose this riddle for you.

Here is a picture of Alice hosting an impromptu birthday party for someone.  Perhaps herself.  As you can see, she has bedecked her party-goers' heads with "party hats".  I say "party hats" because they most assuredly AREN'T party hats.

They are something quite the opposite.

Any guesses as to what they are (or will be)?


Alicia said...

something having to do with boy baby. maybe hats, but i think that would be too small, unless you're forcing prematurity. umm. the other idea is breast pads WITH SHAPE. or menstrual cups that won't work because they appear to be made of cotton. oooh! wee holders for the diaper changing. that's all i got.

KAY said...

Another use for "pee-pee teepees!"
I always wonder what people do with them after the baby is done with 'em. Elfin dress-up hats seems like a good use!

Amy said...

Peepee teepees!

Jayme said...

ROFL Peepeeteepees

wandering nana said...

Evidently, these things are known to more people than I thought they would be. I am still laughing when I look at them.

tearese said...

how funny. And we never used those, I think each baby boy maybe peed once without a diaper while being changed. Maybe twice.