Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my two shadows

Is it weird that I haven't posted in a month, and the first thing I put on here is a picture of the two furry beasts that have been following me around for weeks?

We've been literally turning the house upside down, moving the contents of one upstairs room (my little studio space) to the wee little office room downstairs.  The room upstairs will be Baby's.  With an extra guest bed.  And Chip's desk.  And some other stuff.  Not that it's huge to begin with, but it's a lot of stuff to stick in there. 

Did I mention that we also kicked the furry monsters out of the upstairs entirely? 

That would explain them finding me as their only real and true friend, their only source of solace, their only human who truly knows what it means to SUFFER AND HAVE TO LIVE IN COMPLETE COMFORT DOWNSTAIRS.  (I actually do have a lot of sympathy for them, they used to have complete run of the joint, but were slowly ousted room by room, until finally they woke one morning to find a gate on the bottom step and all the humans peering down at them going NEENER NEENER YOU CAN'T COME UP HERE ANYMORE....  or, that's how I imagine they see it.)

It has to do with Chip's and Alice's allergies.... and this baby, who knows what he's going to bring to the mix in FIVE WEEKS.  Five weeks, people.

I'm not really freaking out.  Only hoping we get the books out of the hallway by the time I'm in labor.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate that sort of thing.  I think we'll be celebrating today by sewing curtains... or something.


Anonymous said...

Five weeks? FIVE WEEKS!!! WOW

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Five weeks is tons of time! No worries!


Good luck, been missing your bloggy wisdom and beauty.

Rainyday said...

Holy crap 5 weeks!!! I can't wait! :)