Friday, September 14, 2012

a letter to the absent Chip


Dear Chip,

In the week that you've been gone, your son:
-Broke the cord to our internet wifi hotspot thingie by ripping it off the wall
-Tore up the carpet by the upstairs bathroom (piece by little bitty piece)
-Knocked over an entire (freshly pumped) bottle of breast milk
-Spilled a glass of water

Has tried to eat:
-My chicken and cheese enchiladas
-The brownie right off my plate
-His sister's cereal
-French fries
-Salted pretzel caramel ice cream
-My flip flops
-His sister's stuffed Piglet
-Several books
-A Costco magazine
-A dinner napkin
-A ballpoint pen
-The cat

Has NOT eaten:
-A single bit of the rice cereal I've been trying to feed him

He has also contracted a cold, wouldn't sleep very well, and generally continued to be charming and adorable.  In spite of himself.

He misses you.  As does his mother.  And sister.

This place just isn't the same without you,


Anonymous said...

Stop letting that baby grow up so fast!

I hope you have a happy family reunion soon.

tearese said...

My last guy is the only one who ate rice cereal up until his first birthday..the other three only ate it for maybe three months, and that was only if it was mixed with some kind of fruit or veggie. Good luck!

Team Burtenshaw said...

I've only had a taste of the creamery, and I'm loving it already. I hope you don't mind if I add this "URL" to my list. I love that I know you, and look forward to knowing you even better. ...and btw your children are adorable!

jsibley said...

I miss your bloggyness.

Sibley Saga .... said...

That last comment was from me, not Joe. Didn't realized he was signed in on my computer. : )

Sara Hammond said...

Me too!! I hope you come back someday!