Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a little bit of grateful

I’m sure you’re just checking in to see if I’ve posted THE SLUG PHOTO yet. But yesterday was a bit of a rough day around The Creamery, and I’ve decided to hold out on the photo posting for a few more possible votes (read: a few more days). Sad, but true. Actually my observation of the voting has been something of a slug race – IN SLOW MOTION. At last count, we were running 3-2 in favor of slugs.

In place of Slugapalooza 2007, I give you some of the small things for which I am grateful on a tough day (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER). Help yourself to my list – and please, if you’d like, add a few of your own. A little bit of Grateful is never a bad thing.

Of the Good
  • Emails from friends - simple, but oh so wonderful, and oh so welcome

  • The Magic Salad

  • Sunflower seeds

  • The Office recaps I read recently on Television Without Pity

  • The unexpected bag of maternity wear leant to me by one Helen at Workplace - what a nice gesture

  • The Bean

  • The offer my boss made to me today, to pelt me with tiny little wrapped Tic Tac mints (called "Silvers" - if you haven't had them, you should - because the orange flavor is fantastic). This offer was truly an act of kindness, as he has been known to show his affection and appreciation in some odd, brotherly ways (I'm throwing these mints at you because I think you're great! Let's put this maraca in Kristy's desk because it will be funny!)

  • An impended trip to see my parents. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them, and also laying around. A lot. Because I haven't done enough of that here at home.

  • The orange scarf I decided to knit this weekend

  • Having the ability to knit an orange scarf (me: Aren't I cool, Chip? Isn't this great, Chip? Doesn't this look fantastic, Chip? Huh? HUH?)

  • The Bers - I read this post on Cupcakes for Clara the other day, that excitedly announced the arrival of the BERS (as in, SeptemBER, OctoBER, etc.) I, too, love me some Bers!

  • Paintings by Sam Toft

  • Fergus nose kisses

  • The errant Fergus Whisker that had somehow been imbedded in the soft pudge of my stuffed Ugly Doll, Herp. When I went to lay my head on him two nights ago, I got poked. Discovering that little gem was weird - and also really funny. Like Fergus put it there for safe keeping.

  • Watching Phoebe try to sleep as I tickled her feet with the newly discovered Fergus Whisker

  • This post by the lovely and luminous The Wife, my dear friend. She's such a beautiful writer, and can put things in such a way... this is a day that I am ill-equipped to encapsulate in words. My friend does it beautifully.

  • The knowledge that You're out there - all of you

  • Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip - I wouldn't want to spend a moment of my life without him in it

1 comment:

The Wife said...

I love you, my dear dear friend. You linked my blog! And you think I say good things! Wow! Thank you! Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for all that we have! Thank you for the BERS! What a treasure you are, and you have no idea how beautiful you make all of our lives. I too am grateful for the Bean...it's bringing more Cream into the world and that can only make it better! I love you dear one.