Thursday, September 20, 2007

thankful thursday

It’s far from a new idea, but I decided to inaugurate a weekly forum in which to share some of the things that make life zingy, that make life good, the things for which I’m, you know – grateful.

All Hail Thankful Thursday! I’m hoping I can share some of the small things that help to get me through a day, so if you’re wondering where the biggies are (God, Faith, Family), they’re there, at the top of the list in my heart; just not here, because the Biggies are Biggies, made all the more sweet by the tiny things. Kathryn over at Daring Young Mom, calls these things Reasons – and I think she’s lovely, as is her blog.

(Some items on today’s list brought to you by The Horrendous Dress Malfunction that I experienced today – which you’ll hear ALL ABOUT tomorrow.)

  • Having an Old Navy within spitting distance of my office; because you never know when you might need to buy an Emergency Pair of Affordable Maternity Jeans. Not that I'd know anything about that.

  • Miniature Nestle Butterfingers

  • Chip's sleepy smile in the morning

  • The availability of fresh water

  • Cold slices of cucmber with ranch dressing

  • Fergus and Phoebe following me into the bathroom to watch me get dressed & brush my teeth - even though it's 5am and clearly too early to be up.

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