Friday, October 17, 2008


Remember how Chip and I are 80-year-olds who regularly watch The Wheel of Fortune? Well, we've been so fascinated since they created this whole Million Dollar Option on the wheel. It's a total long shot (think along the lines of the odds that you'd win the lottery or that I'd actually write, you know, a short post) - to win the million, a contestant first has to spin and hit the million dollar spot. And then the contestant needs to solve the puzzle. Then the contestant needs to win the game and go on to the bonus round. And then the kind people at Wheel of Fortune put the little million dollar ticket in the miniature prize wheel that the contestant has to spin to see which prize they win - IF they solve the final puzzle. So your odds are pretty tiny. Chip has had bets with me that anyone that actually makes it to the bonus round with the million dollar ticket probably has to solve an even harder puzzle. So imagine my surprise when I watched the other day and saw the contestant spin to the million. And then solve the puzzle. And then win the game to go to the bonus round. And then... she totally solved the bonus puzzle (leaky faucet and I totally got it way before her, I'm so good). And THEN... they open the little envelope to see what she won AND SHE WON THE MILLION. There was jumping! And streamers! And hugging! And jumping all over Pat! And leaping across the stage to hug Vanna! And (here's my confession): there I was, watching all of this, CRYING. Yes, I cried during Wheel of Fortune. I don't know what's wrong with me.

The cats have two food bowls for crunchies. The bowls are exactly the same. They are filled with the same food. But somehow, the cats have personally assigned the bowls, because if one is empty and the other is TOTALLY FULL, I'll have a specific cat following me around the house yelling GIVE ME SOME FOOD WOMAN until I finally give in and fill the bowl.

Okay, so that one above wasn't a confession. But it's weird, right? Here's another confession: I used a footstool to get into bed for the entirety of my pregnancy. Apparently, I couldn't make it that far up? I don't know. I had forgotten about the footstool until just a bit ago when I found it behind the rocking chair in our room. What was WRONG with me? I'm short, but I'm not, you know, THAT short.

Phoebe has yet to visit a groomer. Truth is, I'm totally afraid to take her because I know she's going to HATE me afterwards. I'm concerned about her access to my face when I'm sleeping. There are some unpleasant things she could do to me that I'd rather not contemplate. But I know it needs to be done. I have found two more state-sized dreadlocks.

I meant to link to Swistle's brilliant baby food making post on my entry for yesterday. And then I didn't. And totally forgot about it. The post is here, and she has some fantastic ideas (including hiding chick peas in the baby food - see, BRILLIANT!).

Yesterday I took a picture of Alice because she was laying on the floor, face down, sucking a paci, showing me how pathetic and sad she could be. It was her first tried and true temper tantrum. And while I should have been sad and concerned, instead I thought it was pretty funny. So I took a picture.

Anyone have any fantastic weekend plans? We're CLEANING THE HOUSE. And also RAKING UNDER THE ROSEMARY BUSHES (which really truly scare the pants off of me because that's where the biggest spiders live.... which means that I'm going to be doing the majority of the raking.... shudder).

Now I want to hear at least one confession from you. Go!


Anonymous said...

I would totally cry at a game show moment like that. At the very least I'd get all choked up and watery. I can't help it but I get like that whenever anything really amazingly good happens to someone on tv.

Our cats have 2 food bowls as well but only prefer to eat out of one. So every day I switch the bowls. I put the full bowl in the place of the empty one, refill the empty one and put it in the spot they won't eat from. It makes me feel like I'm getting one over on them.

The Wife said...

I regularly laugh at the boy when he cries. I'm sorry! It's just so pitiful and so Woe Is Me and please, no one is so loved on this planet as this Boy.

Also, I'm a dork, but I'm totally excited to be making my own baby food for the Boy. Chickpeas and legumes, and veg and fruit and grains and and and!

Also, I wanna see that picture of Alice with her face down.

Cherish said...

My confession is that the plain white box is STILL in my car waiting to be dropped off at the post office and delivered to Dr. Maureen. I put it in there in hopes that I might have the confidence to enter a post office while out one day with the kids, but it has yet to happen. I think Im just going to have to suck it up and mail the darn thing cause this has gone on way too long! I totally didnt drop the ball though (yet), it IS full of lovely goodies and it WILL be sent on to the next person soon.

Alice said...

i have become SUCH a sap recently, and find myself crying at all SORTS of crap on tv. it's very embarassing.

another confession: i'm working from home today, and it is now 3p and i haven't washed my face, gotten dressed, or eaten a real meal. maybe i'll get on that.

Whimsy said...

So far: LOVING the confessions. How's that for balance? One post about good things you can do (Thursday) and another for the things you're currently doing that are weird or funny or embarrassing or whatever! Love it!

Another confession: I don't know how to spell embarrassing and spell it wrong Every. Single. Time.

wandering nana said...

I am not 80 and we do enjoy the WHEEL. I missed the million one. I love the story of the cat. My cat will do the same thing to be, even if her food bowl still has some food in it. Such little princes... I had a cat that had the fur like your cat and I use to trim her myself because she hated the Vet. It was a pain and she looked awful for a while.

Cherish said...

consider yourself tagged

Maggie said...

Oh confession time! It's like free therapy. Awesome.

1. I constantly worry about what people think of me. Even strangers. If someone walks past me and then starts talking to the person they are with, I am convinced that it is about me, and that they didn't like something about me. Hi, self-centered much? Why yes, I am. CLEARLY.

2. On days when I don't have anywhere that I have to go, I will on occasion stay in my PJs all day.

Amanda said...

I frequently beg my five year old to take naps with me on the weekends. Heck I've even bribed her to take naps with me. Why do kids hate sleep so much?

Kristi said...

I always cry on shows when someone wins a lot of money. Actually, I just always cry while watching TV shows. It's so weird especially since I'm not generally a crier, but put on someone winning something and I can't stop the waterworks.