Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the hills are alive

2006. Chip and I are sitting in my dad's den with my niece, Danae. The house is full-to-the-rafters with people for The Little Brother's wedding. Somehow Danae, Chip, and I have decided to seek refuge in the quiet room. Danae is writing on the computer. Chip and I (oh I remember THOSE DAYS) are inexplicably just laying on the couch.

Danae, turning around to face us: You know, when you guys have kids, they're going to spontaneously burst into song.

Chip and I look at each other, wait a beat, then we LAUGH.

You know how it is? When you find this person who somehow is your match? Who is very different from you in all the right ways, but still bursts into song at random moments, just like you do? And you do it so often that you don't even notice anymore until your 17-year-old niece points it out?

This is Chip. He is funny. He is sweet. He is goofy. He is talented. He is strong. He is a trusted and loyal friend. He is a very good citizen of the planet, and far better than even
I give him credit for. And I know this. He is (in my humble opinion) also quite a hottie.

In the past eight months I've also had the pleasure to see him become a wonderful and sweet father.

This is the honey I married, the man I will gladly cross an ocean of glass for. Oh, I just love him so much. Happy birthday, love.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!

wandering nana said...

Happy B Day Chip.... I have yet to hear you break into song!

Heidi W. said...

Happy Birthday Chip!

Kathy said...

Hope you have a great birthday Chip!

stacie d said...

You're so lucky to have each other and I know you both know that!! I hope to someday find my Prince, like you have!!

Happy Birthday, Chip! Love you!

Chip said...

I love you babe, and hate being away from you.

Thanks everyone

angelalois said...

awww happy birthday d. chip romero! also. i know alice will burst into song because I've heard WHIMSY burst into song. and "rubber ducky joy of joys" has been stuck in my head all day! ok i need sleep.