Thursday, October 9, 2008

why i want to be rich and other miscellania

I want to be rich. And not for all the obvious reasons (house paid off, can purchase items on a whim, no need to work). I want to be rich so I can have a travel bag fully stocked with all my toiletries at all times. I've thought about this a lot, you guys, and I think it's one of the reasons why those folks with oodles of money always look so well-rested: they don't spend AN HOUR running around their house trying to gather all the everyday creams, gels, and pastes they need for a trip. They've already got second copies of those things stashed in their luggage. So travel prep is, like, 20 minutes of gathering their favorite outfits together and then they're done. Voila!

Now joining Similac on MY LIST: our vacuum cleaner, which does not suck? ..... it has no sucking power? ..... it's ability to function properly is impaired? ..... IT DOESN'T WORK.

Am I the only person that has to layer 40 black long sleeve t-shirts on top of one another so as to achieve a non-see-through look? Does no one make a thick black long sleeve t-shirt? And let's not even mention the white long sleeve tee that is so thin, I could put it on my head and drive around town... at night, still the picture of traffic safety.

Phoebe's dreadlocks? Still mostly intact. I say mostly because she has started depositing forlorn dreadlocks on my pillow. I found one last night that was nearly the size of Texas. I think I could have hollowed it out and floated down the river in it, it was so big. Much like this man.

I spent three hours yesterday gathering calendar info for my boss' newsletter. I stumbled across Chip's own personal Hell. Check it out here - it's the one at the top SEARCH FOR SPIDERS.

I'd be a terrible person not to thank y'all for the very nice things you said about Bean and her hat, which I'm proud to say I MADE. I'm working on another, more fully formed pink knit flower hat. It looks pretty much like a flower, right? I worry that it is more pink pumpkin like than I intend...


Kristi said...

Wait - You MADE that hat? I am so jealous of creative talented people! My poor daughter has to suffer through all store bought stuff because I have no creative ability at all!

Kathy said...

Wow you made that! Wow!

wandering nana said...

Wow, I'm behind.... Her hat is adorable. Knitted or crocheted? I think the fly was heavy because it's getting cold and he needs something to keep him warm.

Pickles and Dimes said...

You made the hat? You are awesome! It was soooooo cute.

Our vacuum stopped sucking too, and it was practically brand new! Turned out it was just the belt, which cost us $4 to replace. Hopefully it's the same thing wrong for yours.

The Wife said...


on the thick t-shirt thing, I have 2 words for you...

Lands End.

Their t-shirts (long and short sleeved) are all cotton and thick and cozy. And they last forever.

Then end.

Chelle said...

Kudos to you for making THE MOST adorable baby cap in the history of the world - well, at least in the blog world, to be sure.

Amen to the wretched nature of too thin T's... sounds like Lands End is the answer.