Tuesday, October 21, 2008

meme me up scottie

There were some requests for photos from The Great and Terrible Rosemary Battle, but I'm going to have to disappoint. We never captured my get-up on film, though I can assure you that there will be plenty of times when I'm wearing something ridiculous. You wait around me long enough and you're bound to get a nice treat.

Also, I feel that you need a brief background tutorial on Chip's and my situation with Spiders and Other Bugs. You're going to LOVE these.

In the spirit of all this picture goodness (HA) - I'm answering a meme that The Wife tagged me for.

What are you doing right now? Listening for the Bean to wake up from her nap. (It was originally much earlier in the day when I was working on this.)

My age.
I have to say, the Tennessee thing has nothing to do with my age.

First name.
I wasn't going to Google my actual first name. So I did something else: I Googled for an image of my idea of Whimsy. It's a piece by one of my favorite artists, Sam Toft.

Middle name.
My maiden name. And it's just too distinctive to Google. When I enter this name in Google, it comes up with a picture of my Dad's cousin (my 1st cousin once removed and aren't you so impressed that I can accurately use that term?). It also comes up with pictures of a bunch of other people I'm most likely related to. And no, I am not even remotely famous. I just have a very unique maiden name.

Last name.

Maiden name.
My middle name is my maiden name. See above.

Favorite food.
Anything with CREAM.

Bad habit.
I don't really consider it a bad habit, but I drift off from time to time and daydream. This is a piece of art called Daydreaming by someone named Ling Tze.

Past pet.
Her name was Stella. She was very pretty.
She didn't look like this.

Grandma's name.
Mom's mom (you know who this is, right? if not, I am old old old):

Dad's mom (there's this librarian...):

Past love.
From when I was pregnant.

First job.

Favorite place.

If I went back to school...

If I could visit any place in the world...

Okay. So let's see, who am I going to pass this misery on to? (HA HA). Let's do Alice, Shelly, Stacie, Wandering Nana, Artemisia, and Pickles and Dimes.

Go to Google.
Do an image search for your answer to each question.
Pick a picture off the first page of images that best answers the question. (I fudged on this a bit - the name searches provided some, uh, very unique options.)


stacie d said...

Ooooh fun! Now I have something to do later in my empty condo with no cable tv.

Alice said...

oooh a tag! i love that painting for "whimsy." very sweet.

The Wife said...


With Chip, you're such a good wife!

wandering nana said...

Great tag... I will do it, just can't say when. "}