Thursday, March 26, 2009

12-month old psychology

If it's closed, it should be open.
If it's up, it should be down.
If it's folded, it should be on the floor.
If it's neat, it should be messy.
If it's stacked, it should be strewn around.
If it's quiet, it should be LOUD.
If it's clean, it should be dirty.
If it's sweet smelling, it should be poopy.

Why yes, we're feeling so much better over here!


Eleanor Q. said...

Can I add if it's in one room it should me in another and if it's stationary it should be pushed until maybe it moves. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Kristi said...

Glad y'all are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

How about "If it exists, it should be put in my mouth"?

So glad you're all better!

Alice said...

oh hurrah, glad to hear things are a bit back to normal for you guys :-)

artemisia said...

Ha ha! So very true.