Tuesday, March 31, 2009

where in the world

I have had this blog for nearly two years. In all that time, pushing 600 days - 24 months - how many minutes and I have only, just barely, like last week, installed a site counter.

I know. It's so like me to be on the cutting edge of this technology stuff. Nay, the BLEEDING EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY (that phrase just rankles me, but that's for another day). I'm all about this new fangled computer stuff. With the INTERNET and the GOOGLE and the EMAIL. Also: my Crackberry is actually a brick-sized phone with an antenna that's strong enough to put out your eye.

So yeah. I just installed a site counter, and I have to ask those of you who have been doing this site counter nonsense for longer than five minutes: HOW DO YOU NOT CHECK THE THING ALL THE TIME? LIKE, EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY?

I am currently obsessed with finding out who is visiting The Creamery from Fiji, India, Switzerland, and Germany. Any ideas?


Missy said...

There would be one from Australia, too, if I ever stepped out of my feed reader, which I don't. Because I am a terrible blog reader person.

That's awesome, dude. You're famous all around the world!

wandering nana said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't think anybody reads mine that much as not too many comments any more.

Chelle said...

I don't have a fancy site counter, but I installed a live feed reader that tells me who is (actually, only tells me where they are) reading it.

But, because my blog is private, it sadly keeps out the blog lurkers from Fiji, Mongolia and such. I know these people are seriously missing out on the rantings of a crazy pregnant person, but my husband is big on the privacy stuff. It's a lawyer thing.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Between the site counter and your Freaky-April-1st switch-a-roo with the lovely The Wife, I am outing myself as a frequent lurker and Whimsy fan. Hello from Georgia!

As for the site counter ... I too checked it very frequently when I first installed it, trying to figure out who was reading my blog from Spanish Fork, Utah. (So far, no foreign readers of my blog). Eventually, I got to busy to check every day ... but it is addicting.

Kristi said...

I used to check mine NONSTOP. I couldn't make it 15 minutes. Once the newness wore off I stopped checking it as often, but it's still addicting enough to check a couple of times a week.