Friday, March 6, 2009

mischief, hijinks, and other words for doing things that aren't recommended but still funny

The Alice Loo-Who, looking totally innocent. Just wait.

I think it's time to revisit the Awesome/Not Awesome game.

Alice's bare bum sitting on the scale at the doctor's office. Really: is there anything cuter than a bare baby bum? I don't think so.

Not awesome:
The screaming that came after Alice's shots. HATE THAT PART. (Alice isn't so fond of it either.)

Finding some very yummy smoked turkey on sale at the grocery store WITH a little sticky coupon on the lid for an additional $0.50 off.

Not awesome:
Later finding the little sticky coupon still stuck on the lid because you forgot to remind the grocery store clerk to actually use the coupon.

A very sweet husband stopping at Petco to buy the expensive Special-Indoor-Super-Duper-Hairball-Reduction-Extravaganza-And-By-The-Way-This-Food-Will-Also-Minimize-Your-Pores-And-Make-Your- Hair-Extra-Shiny-And-Gorgeous cat food.

Not awesome:
The cats having some kind of ridiculously explosive hairball puke-fest because they're eating the Outrageously-Expensive-Will-Magically-Make-You-Look-Ten-Years-Younger cat food.

Coming home to a clean house.

Not awesome:
A clean house with the exception of cat puke that is sitting forlornly in the front entryway. In the exact spot you just walked through.

Alice sleeping through the night until 7:00 a.m.

Not awesome:
Alice napping for a total of FIFTEEN MINUTES for the entire day. Yes, you hear me. Fifteen minutes. The entire day.

Finally getting to crawl into bed after a long and exhausting day.

Not awesome:
Stepping in yet more of the explosive cat puke.


Not awesome:

By the time she was finished, there were something like thirty garbage bags on the floor. To be honest, this was kinda awesome.

More quiet.

Not awesome:

That would be toilet paper in her hand. THE ENTIRE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. How does a tiny person such as herself get from her bedroom to the bathroom, and completely unroll an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in 15 seconds?

At least she looks guilty in this shot.

Your turn!


The Wife said...

AWESOME: You. Sweet Alice. That you're coming HERE in 6ish weeks!

Not Awesome: The Boy has a cold. All the crap I have to do today. I have to teach on Sunday. I wish you were already here.

Shelly Overlook said...

OMG that is too cute! Well, b/c it was your kid doing the destruction and not mine.

WOO HOO for the sleeping until 7 am. Not so much for the only 15 minutes of nap. It's all a karmic swing, isn't it?

wandering nana said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing can top this post. No one's "awesome" can even begin to compare to yours!
I'm with you on the hairball evidence. I only have one cat that does that about every other month now.

Alice said...

alice and my cats = same destructive powers. however, my cats are not nearly as cute, and they never look guilty.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love your awesome and no awesome posts.

KAY said...

Whee! what a fun post. I think Alice is in the hamster-kind-of-fast division. Love the toilet paper pics!

Kristi said...

I love the Alice Loo-Who look. I really miss doing that to my daughter!

Awesome: My daughter is going to be in the 1st grade musical.

Not Awesome: She has to be dressed as a squirrel, and I'm unsuccessfully making ears out of a headband and felt.

Heidi W. said...

You are so funny! I love Alice's quilty face! Don't pets just drive you crazy sometimes? It seems like once you clean up one mess there is another lurking just waiting behind you!