Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the day after

Well, I had the best of intentions. I was going to keep Alice off the Major Sugar for as long as possible. I'm a reasonable person, however, and how is a reasonable person supposed to face the siren song of the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake? Especially when it is her baby girl's first birthday? Chip came home with it last night.

And this:

Plus this:

Is bound to equal this:

What else is a mother to do except join in the fun? (I take solace in the fact that Alice's first taste of SWEET was none other than CREAM - in the form of a dab of whipped cream from Chip's piece of cake. Cream, as befitting a creamy girl of CREAM: THE NEXT GENERATION.)


Shelly Overlook said...

That cake was adorable!

She liked it? My kid didn't like sweet stuff until well after she was 2, which was just fine with me. I knew she was starting to feel better when she woke up today and I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said "Hmmm.... how 'bout cake??". Good try, kid.

wandering nana said...

I love the cake. If you would sit by us at church, she would have had sugar sometime ago... what can I say, I'm a nana.... "P

Alice said...

that cake is adorable! ...not as adorable as a cake-smeared alice, though :-)

stacie d said...

Looks like she loved it!!! Wouldn't it be great to eat a piece of cake like that as an adult?!? Just purely enjoy it and get it all over yourself!