Tuesday, December 29, 2009

about the hair cut

It turns out that I am a heartless, soulless, Parent Zombie who is quite literally DEAD INSIDE.

I took Bean to get her first hair cut. And I'm glad. GLAD, I say, because her hair was getting long and wispy and bedraggled. I didn't shed a single tear before, during, or after. I sat there in the salon chair with Bean on my lap, slightly irritated that she refused to wear the plastic hair deflecting smock - and doubly irritated that the hair deflecting smock that I was wearing could only do about one third of its intended duty because it was all bunched up around my lap where Bean was sitting (my hands peeking out between the folds, happily collecting little feathery bits of Discarded Bean Hair). Not a single tear.

The hair stylist lady snipped and snipped and I didn't cry. I didn't even think wistfully about the hair leaving Bean's head because I was instead discussing a pernicious bout of Bean Dry Scalp and the possible solutions for it with the hair stylist.

Bean busied herself with an Elmo video they put on the television and refused to smile even ONCE for the pictures they tried to take of her.

Meet Stoneface and her trusty manservant, Smocky.

The entire affair took twenty minutes: in, smocked, cut, paid, out.

I was very happy with the results. I think she looks smashing, and I think we have now met her haircut for the next three years. Hello!

Chip, on the other hand, proved what we already knew: here is the heart of our family, the sweetness, the melty chocolate center. Here is the parent who mourned the loss of the wispy hair. Here is the parent who will greatly miss the baby in little girl's clothing. He said she's not a baby anymore. She's a little girl. And she's wonderful, just the same. But she's different. She's growing up.


Amanda said...

I immediately loved her haircut when I read your last post.

I didn't even attend my first child's first haircut. I was preggo with number two and had a sinus infection, getting a nap seemed far far more inviting than watching a toddler scream about something that didn't hurt.

heartless bitch signing out...

serenity now said...

No tears for the first haircuts here, either. By the time we got around to it, the husband and I were so glad to not have straggly-haired children any more that neither of us spent much time being wistful, nostalgic, etc.

Bean looks adorable with her new haircut.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I love it! Her hair was really getting long, wasn't it? Hard to believe.

Erin P said...

Love it! She looks very cute! Not only did I not cry when my boy had his first haircut, I didn't even think of bringing a camera. How 'bout we just say that moms are more practical about some matters--not heartless!

M said...

I love it! SO cute. I kind of wish I could have the same cut but dude...the curls would kill me.

We're going to tackle ye old first hair cut before we invade New Mexico.

Pray for us sinners.

Anonymous said...

From one heartless mother to another: MWAH!

sagessa said...

There were no tears in our house, either. We were just glad to get the hair out of Alex's face so he could see again. Seriously, it was so long in the front that it covered his nose when he leaned over.

Also, can I just get one tiny nibble of the Bean's cheeks? Just a little one? nom nom, so cute!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Yes, I have no sentimental attachment to hair either, mine or the kidlets. Meh.

On the pernicious dry scalp, BEWARE! If she still has it when she gets older, less experienced stylists will constantly check her for lice (and may scare themselves out of cutting her hair, whether she is licey or not). Brad has terrible psoriasis scalp, and all four of my children have inherited it, sadly. My daughter's is the worst though; she has some rare form that isn't easily treated. I always have to explain this when we go to get her hair cut, and the stylists always look at me shiftily. Apparently the little scalpy flakes look a lot like lice.

So. That's cool.

Anonymous said...

ok, Amanda seriously cracks me up. And as far as first haircuts go ... Abram and I are just patiently waiting for the YEAR we can finally cut sweet Shelby's hair ... growing oh-so-slowly. Bean looks A-DOR-ABLE! K8